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Security Guard App with Guard Access & Client Access is a stand-alone solution packed with powerful features for both guards & clients to manage security operations. Visit securityguard.app to see how this lighter version of a guard tour system is designed to meet all your needs.

How To Retain Your Best Working Security Guards?

Today, the cost of employee turnover is alarmingly high. Why? Retaining the best working security guards has become a critical issue for a lot of security guard companies as they compete for talent in a tight economy. Focusing on it, the companies will not only be able to retain talented and motivated employees who truly want to be part of the company but also someone who's focused on contributing to the company’s overall success. How? Incorporate employee retention strategies that work. Employee Retention Strategies: How can you increase retention rates? Start [...]

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How To Create A Healthy Security Guard Diet

Sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult to almost impossible if you work strange hours. That is why it is very difficult for security guards to maintain a healthy diet, and their job also might not involve much exercise. Here is a plan for a healthy security guard diet. Meal Choices for a Healthy Security Guard Diet It is not necessary for you to follow all the healthy meal advice, and it would become far too difficult to follow. Go with the meals you enjoy and to make your [...]

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Learn the Various Types of Security Guards

Security guards do different jobs, and that is why the types of security guards vary. Normal training is enough for some of the security guard roles, but there is some role that requires specialized as well as in-depth instruction. Below you will find the details about some of the types of security guards. Patrol Security Guards Patrol security guards are required to patrol a location or several locations for their clients. They are experts in doing this, and they also have very good knowledge in dealing with the equipment they [...]

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How To Implement Modern Tech Effectively In Private Security?

A lot of security guard companies have come to rely on new technologies gradually over the years, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. It played a crucial role in ensuring not only did morden security guard companies rely on technology to deliver reliable private security services but also the other companies still relying on traditional methods to embrace it. However, any technology that isn’t used to its full potential is just a waste of money and that, in turn, can lead to inefficiency and confusion in operations. To help you [...]

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Why is Security Guard Training Important?

Security guard training is required in order to become a licensed security guard. One is required to complete an initial eight-hour course, then within 30 days, another 16-hours of training is required. After that, within 60 days, another 16-hours of coursework is required. This means, in order to become a security guard, one needs to do 40 hours of training within the first 60 days. Why is security guard training important? Since security guards have important responsibilities, they need to be well-versed in what they are doing. Security guard training [...]

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6 Signs a Business Needs to Hire Professional Security Guards

You may have never thought about getting security guards or security services before, but certain incidents making you give the idea a thought. Now, you are facing the dilemma of whether you should hire professional security guards or not. What are the circumstances that require security guards? Here are a few signs a business needs to hire professional security guards. These will help you figure out what to do.  Concerned About Crime If crime is rising in your area, you should hire security guards as a precautionary measure. Visible security [...]

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Measures to Strengthen Your Existing Security Services

The security services at your business or office should not remain static. Security requirements and needs changes. The is because the security risks are increasing, and the types of threats your business faces are also changing. There are various measures to strengthen your existing security services. Increase the Number of Security Guards When you want to improve the security infrastructure of your office, the first thing you should consider is increasing the number of security guards on the premises. If you think there are some tricky or important spots that [...]

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How Security Guards Keep Crowds Under Control

The tasks of security guards vary, and one of their typical work involves crowd control. Security guards are the ones who site managers and event planners often rely on to maintain a sense of decency and order at crowded events.  In order to establish crowd control at an event, security guards are positioned at a check-in point. This checkpoint is a place where they observe and interact with people as they enter and exit the event.  They may check people’s ID cards to confirm their identity. In addition, they can [...]

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8 Benefits Of Using Security Guard App During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of businesses under enormous pressure to quickly adapt to the constantly changing conditions. To help them cope up with these changes, legit security guard companies have started relying on some form of technology to manage their client projects.  As a result, highlighting more than ever how numerous security guard companies can leverage on modern security platforms to continue running their operations seamlessly at the desired levels with a superior security strategy. From keeping track of your security guards from a remote location to [...]

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What Are the Duties And Responsibilities Of Unarmed Security Guards

Security guards make people feel safer. They can be seen in public areas, security checks at the shopping mall, bank, and even in amusement parks. There is no doubt that people feel more secured when these trustworthy people are around. Some might have the idea that all security guards are armed. However, this isn’t always true. Security guards can be armed as well as unarmed. Unarmed guards also go through proper training. They are also qualified enough to provide protection against customer assets.  But what exactly an unarmed security guards [...]

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