The past few years due to the pandemic have been rough for all businesses alike. Security guard industry was no different. Security guard companies had to face their fair share of challenges. Keeping all that in mind, we put all our effort into developing a security guard mobile app and an intuitive web app for you that requires minimum training, offers customized reporting, improves team communication, enhances incident management, and helps do so much more.

Why Invest In Security Guard Mobile App?

Security guard mobile app –  a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training is all about improving the performance of your security guards on site and enhancing client experience. 

Using it, you can start building your security guard team, deploy, as well as manage them and your security guard operations hassle-free. It further enables the security guards to quickly check-in/out of post sites. To facilitate focussed reporting, security guard mobile app allows creating custom reports to concentrate on what’s critical and communicate with the team in real-time.

You receive live notifications to deal with last-minute changes while conducting a full-scale security operation and gain real-time insights into all the on-site activities via GPS tracking. There’s so much more to the security guard mobile app. Watch the video below to know more.

Get Started With The Security Guard Mobile App Now!

If you are looking for a powerful mobile app for your security guards to make their job easy, security guard mobile app is the all-in-one solution you need. It’s a top-rated app that’s designed to set you apart from your competition.

Download it now on your Android and iOS devices. It’s available on both App Store and Play Store! For more information about the security guard mobile app, head to our website