Delegation is one of the most important management skills that allow maintaining a smooth workflow. Doing it effectively, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Newly promoted security managers often struggle with it and feel overwhelmed with numerous responsibilities. While even the experienced ones at times fail to trust their security guards to work independently. 

So, whether you’ve just been promoted or have been managing a security guard team for a while, learning how to delegate effectively without micromanaging can make all the difference. Here’s how to start delegating more effectively to cultivate a high-performing security guard team.

Know Exactly What And When To Delegate

It’s true that not all tasks can be delegated. This is why the first step to do it is to decide which tasks and responsibilities can be assigned to which guard on your security guard team. Take a look at the available security guards and ask yourself which one can do it better or you think this could be a teachable moment for any of them. Doing this will show you trust and value your team.

Choose The Right Guard For The Job

One of the keys to effective delegation is also understanding the strengths of everyone on your team. Because that will make delegating tasks easy after you’ve figured out what needs to be delegated. Take the qualification, skill set, experience, as well as schedule of your security guards into consideration and play to their strengths and goals. Once this is sorted and you’ve finalized your plan, start assigning the tasks to them.

Security Guard Team

Delegate Both Responsibility And Authority

Now that you’ve started assigning tasks to your security guards, do not forget to put your full trust in their capabilities to take each task on. The reason being, there is no point in delegating if you’re intending to micromanage your security guard team. If you intend to check on them every half an hour to see if they are doing their job as you would have wanted them to do it, it will not do any good for either of you.

Provide Context For Why You’re Delegating

If you are among those managers delegating tasks to the security guards out of the blue, providing a context for why you are giving them that responsibility can help. You can let them know why you chose them specifically and how you hope to see this help them grow. How the task is delegated to them is an opportunity to take on more responsibility or grow new skills. How motivating would that be?

Simply Define The Desired Outcome Clearly

Another way to delegate effectively lies in making your expectations crystal clear right from the beginning. For that, provide each and every detail of what you’d consider a high-quality output from your team. Then, if they fail to meet those expectations, re-align on what outcomes you were hoping to get out. Further, ensure they understand that you are counting on them to do better next time.

This list will help you get started to but isn’t the end to finding ways to delegate security guard tasks effectively. There are more to explore. Stay tuned to find out soon.