Open, effective, and accurate communication is the key to executing security operations flawlessly. To ensure that, security guards, as well as security guard companies are re-defining their security operations using the built-in simple, seamless, and secure Security Guard App messenger.

It allows you to keep the chats focused and professional by allowing you to communicate with the security guards checked in on the same post site in real-time. When the text doesn’t cut it, guards can instantly share images captured, audio messages, and video files in real-time to add clarity and do so much more.

Security Guard App messenger is a great way for supervisors to stay updated on the progress made that might not be available through reports and for guards to ask for help or backup in times of need.

Security Guards

Download it now on your Android and iOS devices. It’s now available on both App Store and Play Store! For more information about the Security Guard App messenger, head to our website