As a security manager, delegation is important. Yet, most security managers struggle with effective delegation of security guard tasks and responsibilities than any other skill required in their day-to-day work. While others often hold on to more than needed or simply begin to micromanage. Don’t be one of those security managers. 

Delegating isn’t a straightforward process. It takes time and effort to master the art. To turn into one here are a few more secrets to up your game and learn to delegate better than you ever hoped for.

Establish A Clear Communication Channel

Open communication is and has always been the key to delegating security guard tasks effectively. For that, you’ll need to establish a communication channel ensuring the guard you are delegating to feels confident in asking questions and providing regular updates without feeling micromanaged. Security Guard App’s messenger and reporting module enables doing just that and so much more. 

Allow For Failure While Being Patient

Delegating tasks is not an easy job, meaning that it might not always work. And when it doesn’t, don’t give up. Everything you fail at is rather an opportunity to be better at. And delegation is just a part of that. Hence allow it, not because you or your security guards might fail, because it enables you to experiment and empower the guards you’re assigning the tasks to. 

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Maintain A System Of Check

In addition to monitoring progress, a crucial step in the process of the delegation that’s often forgotten is delivering feedback. Don’t be afraid to do it. Whenever a task isn’t completed as assigned, offer constructive criticism to your security guards. They can use it to make changes the next time a similar task is assigned. On the other hand, ask your team if you provided clear instructions to determine if there’s anything you can do to better delegate in the future.

Recognize Success And Give Credit Where Due

After the delegated security guard tasks are seen through to completion, credit the ones who were behind it. Remember, it’s basic human nature to feel appreciated. Recognizing that success will only further ensure your team of security guards becomes more engaged and helpful in your future endeavors, making you more successful. 

Practice And Get Better

When you initially start delegating security guard tasks, it’s tough. You will end up assigning tasks to the wrong security guard. And your workflow might not be as efficient as you would have thought. The only way to achieve perfection in this process is to listen to your security guards, learn from your mistakes, and not be afraid to make adjustments to improve. Practice will make you perfect.

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