COVID-19 Safety Tips for Security Guards

The pandemic has impacted almost every industry in the U.S, and the professional security services industry is no exception. Since the start of the pandemic, security guards are providing essential security guard services from the frontline. And due to their constant interactions with the public as part of their duties, their professional risk of COVID-19 exposure is increasing.  For a security guard services provider, a top priority is keeping their security guards safe. Here are a few COVID-19 safety tips for security guards.  Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) To ensure [...]

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Stress Management Tips for Professional Security Guards

In recent years, much has come to light regarding stress and stress disorders that impact individuals who work in high-risk professional industries. While professional security guards have been unreasonably marginalized from high-risk occupations, the gap is reducing as the role of the private security industry evolves and grows. In their line of work, security professionals encounter a variety of threats that could cause traumatic stress. These threats present a dangerous as well as a challenging environment. Therefore, the role of a security professional is becoming more complex. The chances of [...]

Quick Guide For Security Guards To Survive Overnight Shifts

Night shifts aren’t for everyone as it can be stressful. Most supervisors will do their best to accommodate their security guards if they have significant problems with working the night shift. Despite that, what if you end up working a night shift? Well, in that case, it will take practice. The more you will work on it, the easier it will become surviving the night shift. So here’s a quick guide, incorporating the best tips just for you to help yourself adapt to the night shift. Hydrate Often Sugary drinks [...]

Cost-Effective Ways To Keep Your Security Patrol Guards Motivated

So you’ve added more security patrol guards on the Security Guard App with your guard access. Now you need to make sure they stick around, stay motivated, give their best, and contribute towards a positive working environment. While of course money and benefits are important, they don’t top the list of motivating factors. So here are some insightful key tactics to keep your security patrol guards motivated cost-effectively. Set Clear Goals  Security patrol guards will be more motivated if they exactly know what they are expected to achieve. Making clear [...]

Protective Gear Mandatory For Every Guard On A Security Patrol To Carry

The kind of equipment a guard on a security patrol carries can effectively boost the level of security he or she can provide. As a guard, you should completely agree with this fact but, that might not always be possible. Reason being, the lack of awareness at your end. Well, if that’s the case, let’s change that. Given below is a list of protective gear for every guard on a security patrol to carry along with him. 1. Licensed Handgun Not every guard on a security patrol is designated to [...]

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