It is with much pleasure we are announcing that we have released the new version of the Security Guard App. This new version comes with many excellent features, and the best of all is, wait for it, the Web App – more on that later. The light, feature-packed Security Guard App will be helpful as well as useful to security guards, supervisors, and clients. It is the ultimate solution to run your security operations seamlessly. Let’s take a look at what this version has to offer to make your job easier.

From Version 1.0 To Version 1.2

While the Security Guard App 1.0 was really great, we wanted better for our customers. That is why we worked hard to make the Security Guard App greater, and now it’s here. Now, you can access the Security Guard Web App on your browser and view all the details about your teams, post-sites, and the ongoing circumstances.

With the start of this new version, we are committed to providing you with a better level of professionalism.

Designed To Make Security Guard Operations Seamless

The Security Guard App 1.2 is designed to be more user-friendly. The Security Guard Mobile App comes with a simple interface, which is easily comprehensible to anyone, including guards, supervisors, and clients. With the addition of the web app, users can now access the Security Guard App from their web browser and utilize the features to run their security teams smoothly.

Addition of Web App

The Web App is at the heart of our new Security Guard App 1.2. The purpose of adding the Web App is to help supervisors and clients to stay updated with their guards and the on-site situation.

Features of Security Guard Web App

Access the Security Guard Web App from any browser and take advantage of our excellent features to have a better observation of your security operations.

Add Post Site

After logging in to the Security Guard Web App, you can add the company name and the post site to get started.


At the Home module of the Security Guard Web App, you will be able to view your post site on the live map. You can zoom in and out to get a better view of your post site from your browser.


Now, you can view and approve reports sent by guards from your web browser. There is also the option to filter reports to help you find old reports when needed.

Post Orders

View the post orders you have given to your teams. This will help you monitor whether or not they are performing according to your instructions.

Time Log

Time log enables you to view the clock-in/out history by selecting the company name and date from the filter.

GPS History

Sometimes it becomes important to look at the previous GPS tracking history of your guards. So, whenever you have the need to learn the previous tracking history, you can just go to GPS history and select the user and the date to view the tracking history.


Profile is the last module of the Security Guard Web App, where you can view the contact information you have included in your profile.

Features of Security Guard Mobile App

Security Guard Mobile App is packed with exceptional features that make the job easier for both supervisors and guards. It eliminates the need to have multiple devices on-site and makes the guards more efficient.


At the home of our Security Guard Mobile App, you can view the live map of your post site and zoom in/out to get a better view. You can view the map in full-screen mode. You will also receive notifications at your home module and view them all at once.


This is a great feature for security guards as it eliminates the need to carry additional devices just to count the time. Security guards can check in on their site by long-pressing the Check-in button and also check-out the same way.

Below the Check-in button/ Timer, you will find the recent check-in entries that describe the checking-in and checking-out time and the duration of that period. You can also check the previous check-in entries from the history button.


Security guards can add reports using the report templates, or they can add customized reports for any incident. They can also include vital information related to the report to help the supervisor get more informed about the incident.

Supervisors can view the reports as soon as they are added, and they can also view previous reports by using the filter.


The Chats feature allows communication between guards, supervisors, and clients. Users can have one-to-one chat, group chat, post site chat, and they can also add multimedia to their chats to share vital information.

The Security Guard Mobile App Chat feature makes communication easy between guards, supervisors, and clients and helps them collaborate.


You can click more on your Security Guard Mobile App, and there you will find Team. Here you can create teams and add members to run your security operations.

GPS Tracking History

GPS Tracking History allows you to view the earlier tracking history of your guards. You can just select any user from your team and select the date to view their GPS Tracking History on that given day.

Post Orders

This essential feature enables you to provide your guards with vital instructions that they need to follow at a specific post site. Besides written instructions, you can also add multimedia files to help them understand the instructions better. All this is possible with Security Guard App.

Passdown Log

This feature allows guards to share vital information with other guards and also attach media files with it. Users can also view the recent passdown logs as well as the previous ones with the help of the filter.


There are a few options on the Settings that can make your security operations much easier to run. You can enable/disable them according to what you want. There is also the Delete Post Site option, clicking which you can delete your post site if needed.

Security Guard App Pricing

Our pricing plan is very simple to understand for anyone, and we do not have any hidden costs or setup fees. Individual guards can sign up and get started with us for free. With our free plan, a guard will be able to utilize these features:

  • In-App Check-In/Out
  • Add Post-Sites
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Submit Multiple Reports
  • Attach Multi-Media Files

Our premium version is more suitable for security teams with management needs. Security Guard App makes managing security teams effortless and efficient. It only cost $3 per guard every month, and you and your team get to utilize premium features such as:

  • In-App Check-In/Out
  • Add Post-Sites
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Submit Multiple Reports
  • Attach Multi-Media Files
  • Invite Guards & Clients
  • Create Multiple Teams
  • GPS Track Guards
  • In-App Messaging
  • Assign Post Orders
  • Share Pass-Downs
  • Create Custom Breaks
  • Manage Guard Profiles
  • Manage Client Profiles

We believe in being transparent with our clients. You can also view your payment history and add, edit, or delete card details at any time.


Security Guard App is an easy-to-use app for security guards, supervisors, and clients. It helps everyone involved to stay in the loop and run security operations seamlessly. With our new addition – Security Guard Web App – supervisors and clients will be able to stay informed about everything that is going on in the team and on-site. And with the Security Guard Mobile App, guards will be able faster and more efficient in their work. All these can be utilized at a price that is very low.