Introducing Security Guard App 1.2 – Now With Web App

It is with much pleasure we are announcing that we have released the new version of the Security Guard App. This new version comes with many excellent features, and the best of all is, wait for it, the Web App – more on that later. The light, feature-packed Security Guard App will be helpful as well as useful to security guards, supervisors, and clients. It is the ultimate solution to run your security operations seamlessly. Let’s take a look at what this version has to offer to make your job [...]

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Introducing The Security Guard App & It’s Practical Features

Are you a security guard or a client looking for a lighter version of a guard tour system packed with powerful features to collaborate? If yes, Security Guard App is the ultimate solution for you that’s exceptionally cost-effective. It’s one of the most intuitive mobile guard tour systems available in the market designed to improve operational efficiency, increase workforce accountability, and enhance communication within a security team & with the clients. That’s what Security Guard App is. Are you curious to know what exactly it has to offer? Read on [...]

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