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Quick Benefits Of Hiring Security Guard Services – Part 1

By |July 27, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , , |

More and more businesses are now hiring security guard services with trusted security guard companies as a way to protect themselves. While a lot of them are still investing in their in-house security to build a stronger team that seems logical and affordable. Though contrary to this popular belief, outsourcing [...]

Eliminate Costly Errors With Security Guard App Time Clock

By |July 1, 2022|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Guard App Features|Tags: , |

When it comes to managing security guard operations, tracking time is one of the most critical factors vital for its success. Manual time tracking however is prone to mistakes and can hurt you in big ways. Investing in a time clock that automatically organizes all the time logs accurately and [...]

Underrated Benefits Of An Integrated Real-Time Messenger

By |June 2, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , , |

Communication and collaboration are the souls of every security guard company. They are the foundation of a successful business environment and culture that large security guard companies have it all figured out. And now itโ€™s about time that you figure it out too and maintain robust security guard client relationships. [...]

Streamline The Reporting Process With Security Guard App

By |May 26, 2022|Categories: Security Guard App Features|Tags: , |

Security guards play a key role in the management and oversight of commercial properties. Whether they are employed to protect a single building or to oversee multiple properties, their critical expertise helps create a safer, more secure environment for all tenants. In order to deliver the best security services, however, [...]

Security Guard Web App: Access Crucial Information On Your Desktop

By |April 28, 2022|Categories: Security Guard App Features|Tags: , |

Security guard app is a user-friendly solution designed for security guards, security guard companies, and clients to streamline security operations hassle-free. Its intuitive mobile and web app makes collaborating with the security teams effortless. If you are looking for a powerful mobile app for your guards to make their job [...]

Security Guard Mobile App: For Security Guards On The Go

By |March 24, 2022|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Guard App Features|Tags: , , |

The past few years due to the pandemic have been rough for all businesses alike. Security guard industry was no different. Security guard companies had to face their fair share of challenges. Keeping all that in mind, we put all our effort into developing a security guard mobile app and [...]

How To Ensure Effective Security Guard Monitoring?

By |March 8, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

Security guard monitoring is the tracking of security guard's status and task completion. Such tasks include but are not limited to outstanding or incomplete checkpoints and open reports. Effective security guard monitoring will ensure that sites are secured as they should be at all times and your team is working [...]

The Secrets Of Delegating Security Guard Tasks Effectively – Part 2

By |February 25, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

As a security manager, delegation is important. Yet, most security managers struggle with effective delegation of security guard tasks and responsibilities than any other skill required in their day-to-day work. While others often hold on to more than needed or simply begin to micromanage. Donโ€™t be one of those security [...]

Liability Issues Security Guards Should Be Careful About

By |February 15, 2022|Categories: Guard Safety and Wellbeing|Tags: , , |

The past couple of years has been interesting for the security guard industry. In the near future, the growing regulations are likely to increase. Simultaneously, the demand for guards has climbed in sectors such as retail and healthcare. This is the result of lockdowns, vaccine requirements, mask mandates, and other [...]

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