Security guard monitoring is the tracking of security guard’s status and task completion. Such tasks include but are not limited to outstanding or incomplete checkpoints and open reports.

Effective security guard monitoring will ensure that sites are secured as they should be at all times and your team is working as one unit.

In this article, we will discuss two guard activities that you can focus on to ensure effective security guard monitoring and start providing excellent security guard service.

In order to track and measure the activities of your security team and the achievement of tasks, it is vital to measure the number of times patrols were completed by the guards and also the number of patrols that had ended early due to any emergency or were incomplete.

Unfinished Guard Tours

Unfinished guard tours could mean you are failing to maintain contract agreements, which impact client satisfaction. Aside from that, security guards not completing their tours also poses a massive risk to your client as well as your overall operations.

Missed checkpoints will have a negative impact on the success rate of completed patrols. It can also damage the trustworthiness your current, as well as future clients, are looking for in your ability to maintain contract agreements.

With a security guard monitoring system, supervisors can automatically receive data that will quantify and visualize the number of rounds their team has failed to complete. This helps supervisors prevent incomplete tours from happening, which improves the trustworthiness of clients towards your business.

Faulty Reporting

One of the essential parts of running a transparent security operation is incident reporting. That is why supervisors need to make sure the reporting from their team is never improper, inaccurate, or missing information.

Accountability is the key to preventing improper reporting. And providing your security guards with a step-by-step process to fulfill required reports can improve accountability. These reports can contain client-specific SOPs, which will also allow the supervisor to quickly follow up without a loss in client or company time.

Directly accessible standardized reporting on guard’s mobile device will make reporting easy for the guards, which will allow the supervisors to track and measure reporting statuses.

Ensure Optimal Operational Performance

Effective guard monitoring depends on two things: checkpoint completion and reporting. An effective security guard monitoring system can help to visualize guard activities and allows security supervisors to properly track and monitor their guard activities. Tracking and monitoring guard activity help to ensure that you are meeting your contract agreements with your client and also your team is working as a single unit.