How To Implement Modern Tech Effectively In Private Security?

A lot of security guard companies have come to rely on new technologies gradually over the years, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. It played a crucial role in ensuring not only did morden security guard companies rely on technology to deliver reliable private security services but also the other companies still relying on traditional methods to embrace it. However, any technology that isn’t used to its full potential is just a waste of money and that, in turn, can lead to inefficiency and confusion in operations. To help you [...]

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Why is Security Guard Training Important?

Security guard training is required in order to become a licensed security guard. One is required to complete an initial eight-hour course, then within 30 days, another 16-hours of training is required. After that, within 60 days, another 16-hours of coursework is required. This means, in order to become a security guard, one needs to do 40 hours of training within the first 60 days. Why is security guard training important? Since security guards have important responsibilities, they need to be well-versed in what they are doing. Security guard training [...]

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What Are the Duties And Responsibilities Of Unarmed Security Guards

Security guards make people feel safer. They can be seen in public areas, security checks at the shopping mall, bank, and even in amusement parks. There is no doubt that people feel more secured when these trustworthy people are around. Some might have the idea that all security guards are armed. However, this isn’t always true. Security guards can be armed as well as unarmed. Unarmed guards also go through proper training. They are also qualified enough to provide protection against customer assets.  But what exactly an unarmed security guards [...]

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Inexpensive Ways For Security Guards To Stay In Shape

Security guards often have to work in settings with high stress and occasions when things get out of control. Clients seldom witness that. It’s in these moments that the true nature of the role of security guards of a reliable security guard company comes into play. They might be required to overcome a thug or chase a shoplifter.  The reality of this job is that you must always be prepared for potential danger. Therefore, little does that have to do with a degree, but one of the prerequisites often required [...]

Important Jobs Performed by Security Guards

The job of a security guard is much more than only wearing a uniform and patrolling the premises. These individuals are highly trained and skilled. They take responsibility for the safety of a designated area, quickly reacting when an incident takes place and preventing crimes. Below are some of the most important jobs performed by security guards. Patrol Patrolling and examining the premises is the most done duty of a security officer. A security guard is in charge of regularly walking around his designated area. They look for signs of [...]

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Training Your Security Guards Is Crucial: Here’s Why

Unreliable security guard companies often overlook the need to train their security guards, and that’s what makes their security services less efficient. When the security services of the security guard companies do not meet the requirement of the clients, no matter what actions are taken to resolve the problem, it deteriorates the overall client experience. Trained security guards amp up security patrol services that clients depend on.  Here’s a list of ways security guard training promotes the efficiency of security guards, let’s take a look. Security guard training makes all [...]

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Security Guard Skills Essential To Deliver Security Services

Security guards are entrusted with the responsibility to keep people & property safe. For that, they need to monitor suspicious activities for security concerns while patrolling. They are expected not only to identify them but also to address them accordingly, report them in real-time using a reliable security guard mobile app, and do so much more on client sites. To carry out these responsibilities with great zeal & determination, they must possess several security guard skills. The security guard skills are what enable them to stand at the frontline, ensuring [...]

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How To Keep Your Security Guards On Patrol Engaged For Better Productivity?

Lack of motivation is one of the main reasons why today most of the security guards are disengaged. Feeling bored, stressed, or burned out further adds to the pile of reasons that make the security guards on patrol less productive. Even though when they work diligently to protect people and property and are often first on the scene of an emergency, there’s always room for improvement and the way they are engaged for better productivity.  Here are a few simple ways you can use. Let’s take a look at them. [...]

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Areas That All Security Guards Need To Be Trained In

Once the mandatory security guard training is completed to obtain the guard card, it often takes a back seat for most security guards. However, if you are an ambitious security guard willing to grow your career in the security industry, security guards training in different areas is going to make all the difference. Here’s a brief list of training areas you can get started with. Security Patrols One of the main jobs security guards is to conduct security patrols at regular intervals. For that, they not only need to be [...]

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Quick Guide To Train Your Guards To Use Security Guard App

New technologies are everywhere. They are making workplace processes easier in all industries. The security guard industry is no different. Compared to the old ways of managing the security workforce, a solution like Security Guard App is helping save time & streamline processes in ways that free security guards up to work on tasks that are crucial. But implementing such new technologies can turn into a headache if certain factors aren’t considered to train & support security guards as they learn & adapt to the new technology. Here’s our take [...]

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