Lack of motivation is one of the main reasons why today most of the security guards are disengaged. Feeling bored, stressed, or burned out further adds to the pile of reasons that make the security guards on patrol less productive. Even though when they work diligently to protect people and property and are often first on the scene of an emergency, there’s always room for improvement and the way they are engaged for better productivity. 

Here are a few simple ways you can use. Let’s take a look at them.

Support Career Development

The top reason why security guards often leave their security guard company is because they do not offer career development. Therefore, take the initiative to identify different levels of technical skills & gaps in inexperience. Walk the security guards through how to use remote tools such as Security Guard App.

Improve Work Environment

If your security guards on patrol feel belittled or punished for making mistakes, then they are working in a very unhealthy environment. It results in disengagement and an unwillingness to be productive. Take a more kind & positive approach that can be constructive and insightful.

Encourage Teamwork

To successfully complete a security guard operation, it is essential for security guards on patrol to work as a team. To ensure that you need to make sure that you enforce a work-style that is interactive, allowing the security guards on patrol to work together. Where they can not only collaborate, ask for opinions but also seek out advice on best practices.

Enhance Supervision

The absence of supervision is likely to mean that the loopholes will be exploited, and the productivity of security guards on site will fall short. Security Guard App can help keep security guards on patrol in check. Supervisors with its help can find the live location of security guards on-site and receive live notifications of every activity conducted on-site.

Incorporate Technology

Make the job of the security guards on patrol easier. Incorporate Security Guard App and allows them to do more than just clock-in & out to improve the productivity on the client site. Using it, the security guards can share incident reports instantly, chat with other guards live, share passdowns, and do much more, to improve their productivity effortlessly.

Share Post Orders

Sharing post orders is one of the most effective ways to keep security guards on patrol engaged for boosting their productivity on-site. The clarity in post orders ensures there is no ambiguity regarding site tours and tasks are allocated as required. Security Guard App further enables the supervisors to update them in real-time if desired.

Motivate Your Guards

Your security guards should not only understand the scope of their work, but also your supervisors. That includes keeping the security guard motivated. Motivated employees can lead to increased productivity, allowing the company to achieve higher levels of output. Thus, in turn, enhancing client satisfaction significantly.

Keeping security guards on patrol engaged for better productivity isn’t a simple task. But with the right steps, it’s not that tough! For more information on such topics, subscribe to our blog.