Why is trust critical to team success?

Today, whether you want to foster collaboration, drive engagement, or manage the never ending process of change, team success is crucial. To ensure that, having your security guard team members trust each other is essential. 

When trust is present, they’ll step forward to do their best work, together, efficiently. Aligned around a common purpose, they’ll take risks, think out of the box, have each other’s back, and even communicate openly. 

Despite how important it is, irrespective of the size of the security guard company, a lot of them struggle to build and sustain trust for the long term. So, here we are to help you build trust within your security guard teams with highly effective strategies.

How To Build Trust Within Your Security Guard Team?

Listen Before You Start Speaking

If you want your security guard team to understand you, be understanding yourself. Respect their time, their opinions, and their ideas. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone, but when you honour their feelings, it helps build trust, and they feel safe to open up more often.

You can in fact encourage your security guards to make it a habit to first listen to the view of others with a motive to understand rather than just to reply. And that will help them go a long way.

Be The One Who Leads By Example

Another great way to build trust within your security guard team is leading by example. Always remember, your security guard team members are constantly watching you and taking cues from you. So take the opportunity to show them that you trust them. Show them what trust in others really looks like. 

Acknowledge Guard’s Abilities And Skills

Every person has his or her unique strength and weakness. Similarly, so will the members of your security guard team. So, find the unique strengths and weaknesses of each one of them. Help them improve by working on it together and use those abilities for the good of your security guard company.

When you’ll trust your security guard team members’ abilities to make good decisions, you will reinforce trust in themselves, and encourage them to trust your decisions as well.

Set Realistic Goals For Everyone

Setting goals for your security guards can turn into a tricky task. Set goals for them that are too low, and they might feel you don’t trust them to develop. Set goals for them that are too high, and they will certainly question your judgement.

Hence, the key to resolving this problem lies in finding ways to challenge your security guard team members without overworking them. With the help of Security Guard App’s post orders you can easily achieve it and update them when needed in real-time.

Encourage Mutual-Serving Intentions

Encouraging your security guard team towards mutual success is crucial. The reason being, when employees start placing their personal agenda above the team, it breeds hostility and unhealthy competition.

Make sure your team is aware of the benefits from working together. Shape strategies that will work for your team and encourage them to work together as well as towards the security guard company’s mutual goals.

Give And Receive Constructive Feedback

If you do not give your security guard team members feedback after they have made a mistake, they might get an impression that it’s okay to repeat that same mistake again. Please don’t do that. 

Be transparent by giving constructive criticism and positive feedback often. It will help them understand where you’re coming from and what your expectations are. You can also be transparent by admitting mistakes and being vulnerable with your security guards. This will show them that you’re not perfect either. 

Don’t Play The Blame Game

Every mistake is a learning opportunity. But when you blame others you give up not only your power to change but also take the others power to do so. Therefore, step right away from the philosophy of blaming and shaming security guards for mistakes. 

In fact, remember if you track your security guards’ mistakes but say nothing about their victories, you are technically begging for your best performing security guards to leave and only the most fearful ones to stay.

Promote A Culture Of Open Communication

Open communication is one of the most important aspects for building trust. Which is why you need to get everyone on your team talking to one another in an honest and meaningful way, meet regularly, so that all the security guard team members have a chance to talk about their progress in person even when Security Guard App’s reports and modules can easily do that, and discuss any problems that they are experiencing.

Discourage Micromanagement

Please do not micromanage. We cannot emphasise it enough because most micromanagement is rooted in distrust. And micromanagers are afraid of the fact that if they don’t manage the team members well, they will make catastrophic errors. When you are breathing down your team’s collective neck that’s exactly how productivity decreases and costs the security guard company its clients.

How do you build trust within your security guard team? Share us with your secrets to help others grow and streamline their security guard business.