The job of a security guard is much more than only wearing a uniform and patrolling the premises. These individuals are highly trained and skilled. They take responsibility for the safety of a designated area, quickly reacting when an incident takes place and preventing crimes. Below are some of the most important jobs performed by security guards.


Patrolling and examining the premises is the most done duty of a security officer. A security guard is in charge of regularly walking around his designated area. They look for signs of disturbance and ensure the security of various access points.

Preventing intrusion

Security guards are the first ones to respond should a disturbance or intrusion occur. They might call the first responders to help them deal with the situation. Or else, they will react by themselves to eliminate the threat and secure the area.

Monitor the entrance

Security guards monitor the entering and departing of people in the building. Not every threat is external; security guards also monitor the people working in the building. They monitor the entering and departing of employees. By keeping an eye on their comings and goings, security guards reduce the risk of theft.

Detailed reports

Security guards record reports of activities in detail. It is essential to keep a document of any theft, damage of property or equipment, or unusual occurrences. The record helps you understand if there is any pattern, and it also helps other guards who work in different shifts.


Security officers remain visible. Their visibility helps to deter criminals from the area. In fact, their more visibility makes the area more secure. Thieves and burglars tend to steer away from a property that consists of security professionals.

Detain violators

Security guards are in charge of issuing citations should they catch someone or a thief damaging the property. In the event of a crime, they are the ones who apprehend the violator. Then, they hand them over to the police to press charges.

Security guards are essential for the security of property and business. They perform various important jobs in the area they are assigned. If you have a well-trained and responsible security guard on your property, this also gives you peace of mind.