Security guards make people feel safer. They can be seen in public areas, security checks at the shopping mall, bank, and even in amusement parks. There is no doubt that people feel more secured when these trustworthy people are around.

Some might have the idea that all security guards are armed. However, this isn’t always true. Security guards can be armed as well as unarmed. Unarmed guards also go through proper training. They are also qualified enough to provide protection against customer assets. 

But what exactly an unarmed security guards do? What are the duties and responsibilities of unarmed security guards?

Basic Duties and Responsibilities

Having unarmed security guards provides a layer of protection. Visibility of security guards deter criminals and give visitors a sense of protection around a specific area. 

Oftentimes, unarmed security guards play the role of gatekeepers. They control the access to a specific establishment of a building. Some are also responsible for keeping a record of the identification of visitors. Unarmed security guards monitor security cameras for any unusual incident. They stay alert and vigilant to notice anything suspicious and use their judgment when to call for assistance. 

Maintaining order among people during large gatherings is also the responsibility of unarmed security guards. They ensure that the people in attendance are safe and not being stamped. They safeguard the people as well as the property. 

When There is a Threat

What can an unarmed security guard do if any criminal attack or violence occurs? 

Unarmed security guards are trained to detain an individual temporarily if the circumstance escalates into violence or there is any probable reason for the arrest. Then his next step will be contacting the local police to respond. However, if the criminals are equipped with deadly weapons, then the unarmed security guards will surely require the help of local police. This calls for a calm mind and good decision-making, especially because delaying in intervention could cause loss of lives. Therefore, an unarmed security guard should be quick to get help from authorities for any unwanted situations. 

Additional Responsibilities

Guarding, patrolling, monitoring, and notifying the authorities in case of emergencies are not the only duties and responsibilities of a security guard. In some circumstances, they may be required to perform additional tasks such as responding to phone calls and text messages of their employer, running errands. There are also specific reasons for hiring some unarmed security guards, such as working with the people who are responsible for safeguarding cash or other valuables. In such a case, the responsibility of the unarmed guard is to protect the valuables during transport.  

You will be able to cooperate with unarmed security guards better if you know their duties and responsibilities. These individuals check identification cards and do other duties to keep everyone safe.