Today, we are announcing a brand new update of the Security Guard App. We’ve updated the Security Guard App with brand-new features and improvements. This new update will help elevate your security guard operations and security guard management significantly.

We’ve heard your feedback that you want more flexibility, and we are exactly delivering that in this new update. Without much ado, let us take a look at every feature introduced in this update.

Add Multiple Companies

Admins can now add multiple new companies using the app, and under them, create multiple post sites for guards to start patrolling and for you to start expanding your business and realizing a higher growth rate.

Update Company Profile

The Security Guard App now enables the company’s admin to effortlessly input company information, including its address, email, contact number, and website, using any web browser. This feature aims to enhance clarity and provide comprehensive details of the company.

New Settings

  • New permission to allow clients to view time logs is now available. Admin now have the ability to enable or disable this setting for different clients as needed, providing greater control and flexibility over the sharing of time log information.

  • Security guards who have checked in on a client site will now be able to browse through the Security Guard App without being automatically checked out. Thus, allowing guards to access and use other features of the app while remaining checked in and maintaining their presence on the client site.

  • The Security Guard App now offers a feature that allows admin to disable tracking for individual users. By disabling tracking, the user’s location and movements will not be recorded or monitored by the app, ensuring their privacy and providing peace of mind. This feature is accessible through the app’s settings menu and can be easily toggled on or off at any time.


  • Security guards can now create and submit reports by logging into the web app of Security Guard App. This new feature is designed to enhance productivity and improve accuracy, enabling security guards to complete their reporting tasks more efficiently.

  • Security guards will also be enabled to email all their reports right from the browser on any email if they are asked to and export the reports as PDF.

New Chat Module

A brand new chat module has been added to the web app so all the users – admins, security guards, as well as clients can begin chatting with other users using both the security guard mobile app & web app. 

The features it includes are similar to the ones existing on the mobile app. Users can start a one-to-one chat or create groups to share information. They can also attach multimedia files in chat for better clarity.

Live Notifications

Live notifications can now be viewed right next to the live map for a quick view and instant updates from the security guards on client sites. This will enable all web app users to stay up-to-date without much hassle.

New Menu Added

Using the security guard web app you can now start managing the following right from therein:

  • Profile – Security guards can view and edit the profile when and as needed.
  • Select Company – Admins can select the company and view details specific to it.
  • Subscription – View total members in the company, renew or cancel your subscription details from here, and get access to upcoming and paid invoices. 
  • Settings – You get access to the company settings, post sites, security team members,  notifications, and security settings to which you can make changes as per your requirement.
  • Feedback – You can share feedback for the Security Guard App.
  • Contact Us – You can connect us using the form or reach out to us on our social media platforms.

Manage Post Sites

The web app now supports adding multiple post sites working from the desk of the office or anywhere else to ensure security guard services aren’t delayed for a new or an existing client.

The Security Guard App now also allows team managers to assign multiple post sites to multiple team members. This feature is especially useful for security companies that manage multiple sites with different security needs. By streamlining the management of security guards and post sites, you can provide top-quality security services to your clients.

Edit Your Profile

Security guards also now have the convenience of accessing and modifying their own profiles through the security guard web and mobile app without any difficulties. This feature now allows security guards to ensure that their profiles are accurate and up-to-date.

Manage Post Orders

Admins can also now begin to create and add post orders using the web app, and share them instantly with the security guards on client sites. This will ensure security guards know their duties and outperform them on client sites.

Check-In And Out Guards

The Security Guard App has introduced new features to enhance its usability and functionality. 

Firstly, administrators and supervisors can now manually check-in and check-out security guards through the browser, which is useful in situations where the mobile app may not be available. 

Additionally, the app now allows users to exit their post site without checking out, and a “checked-in” tag is displayed for users who remain checked-in at their assigned post site. These features help to promote accountability and maintain security for all users.

Panic Alert

The Security Guard App’s panic alert feature requires users to be clocked-in and checked-in at their assigned location before it can be activated. This ensures that the feature is used only when needed and not abused. By adding this accountability and responsibility, it improves safety for everyone involved.

This feature will provide flexibility and convenience for administrators and supervisors, ensuring that accurate records are maintained even in unforeseen circumstances.

Use A Credit Card To Sign Up

This update now allows every security guard company and individual security guard to sign up for the Security Guard App and build their security guard team according to their own preferences by using credit cards. 

Delete Account

The Security Guard App now includes a new feature that allows users to delete their accounts. Once the user initiates the deletion process, they will be logged out of the app and redirected to the login screen. If the user wishes to reactivate their account, they will need to sign up or be re-invited to the app.

Final Thoughts

With this update, you now can do more with the Security Guard App. It will make it easier for you to collaborate and manage your security guard workforce more profoundly than ever before and enhance client satisfaction by several folds.

Download the mobile app now on your Android and iOS devices, if you haven’t yet. They are available on both App Store and Play Store! Using the same login created for the mobile app you can log in to the web app. For more information about the Security Guard App, head to our website