Security Guard App is preparing to launch a new set of updates that will introduce fresh features and improvements. These upgrades will offer greater flexibility, enabling users to elevate their security guard operations. Let’s delve into each update.

Security Guard App Updates:

New Chat Module: A new chat module will soon be accessible on the web app, allowing admins, security guards, and clients to communicate with each other in real-time using the security guard web app and mobile app.

Manage Post Sites: The admin will soon be able to add multiple post sites from their office desk or any location to prevent delays in security guard services for new or existing clients.

Manage Post Orders: Admins will also soon be able to seamlessly create and share post orders with security guards on client sites without any delay using the Security Guard App’s web app. 

Update Company Profile: The Security Guard App update will enable the company’s admin to effortlessly input company information, including its address, email, contact number, and website, using any web browser.

Edit Personal Profile: Security guards will have the convenience of accessing and modifying their own profiles through the security guard web and mobile app without any difficulties. 

Submit & Share Reports: In the near future, security guards will have the ability to submit reports and send them via email directly through a web browser. Thus, enabling them to be more productive with much greater accuracy effortlessly.

Check-In/Out Guards: Soon, admins and supervisors will be able to use a web browser to check in and out security guards in situations where they may not be able to use the mobile app or for any other reason. 

Sign Up Process: This update will enable every security guard company and individual security guard to sign up for the Security Guard App and build their security guard team according to their own preferences by using credit cards. 

Add Multiple Companies: Admins will soon have the capability to add multiple companies and establish multiple post sites under each of them, facilitating the expansion of the business and achieving a higher growth rate.

New Settings:

  • New permission will be added to whether or not allow your clients to view the time logs. The admin will be allowed to enable and disable it for different clients as per your requirement. 
  • Security guards who have checked in on a client site will soon be able to browse through the Security Guard App without being automatically checked out. 

Security Guard App

Final Thoughts

The forthcoming Security Guard App 1.6 update will offer admins, supervisors, security guards, and clients a multitude of new capabilities, making it easier to collaborate and manage the security guard workforce more effectively than ever before. Stay tuned for these exciting new features that will provide profound benefits and enhance productivity for all users.