Are you a security guard or a client looking for a lighter version of a guard tour system packed with powerful features to collaborate? If yes, Security Guard App is the ultimate solution for you that’s exceptionally cost-effective. It’s one of the most intuitive mobile guard tour systems available in the market designed to improve operational efficiency, increase workforce accountability, and enhance communication within a security team & with the clients. That’s what Security Guard App is.

Are you curious to know what exactly it has to offer? Read on to get all the questions in your mind answered.

What Security Guard App Has To Offer?

Security Guard App provides two types of access, one for the guard the other for the client, and they are as follows:

1. Guard Access

The guard access to the mobile app offers powerful features for security guards to make their job easier from assigning tasks to reporting supervisors & clients online. There’s nothing like this intuitive mobile app that’ll allow you to create, collaborate, & communicate with security teams to manage them & their operations in real-time like never before. 

2. Client Access

The client access to the app allows you to monitor your guards & receive live guard tour reports. The robust, in-house security guard mobile app is tailored to actively & effortlessly help you manage your security guard operations. So, you can take control of your post-sites in your hands without relying on a security guard company.

How Security Guard App Works?

The Security Guard App is a feature-rich guard tour mobile app, created for both security guards and clients with the ultimate desire to collaborate without including a third party. 

Whether you are a guard or a client, get started by downloading the security guard app from the App Store or Play Store, respectively. Sign up to register in less than five minutes and begin creating post-sites to invite guards or clients via code. Simple, isn’t it? Try it now as it’s free for a single user, and after that, begin adding $5 per guard to become the supervisor.

Security Guard App’s Practical Features:

Create Post-Sites

Security Guard App, with guard access & client access, provides their respective users the opportunity to get started by simply creating post-sites. They are specific locations or areas where a guard supervisor or the client would want to assign the guards to patrol effectively.

Add Team Members

Are you tired of working for a security guard company or hiring one for patrolling your property? Security Guard App via code, email, & phone number allows adding unlimited team members to create a security team for getting the job done immediately.

Live Notifications

Did a security guard clock in on a post-site? Did he submit all the guard tour reports as required? A security guard supervisor does not need to assume or wonder anymore. Security Guard App with guard access automatically & instantly shares live notifications of every on-site activity with the supervisor. 

GPS Tracking

The Security Guard App, through its GPS tracking feature, provides an aerial view of your security operations in real-time. It’s designed to let the supervisor, as well as the client, always know where the guards are on-site. GPS history can be further used to backtrack in time to make critical decisions.

Time Clock

Tracking security guards checking-in/out of a post-site is one of the most important things. As a supervisor, you no longer need to keep a spreadsheet for that. It’s time-consuming & prone to human errors. The Security Guard App, with the in-app check-in/out, not only makes it easier for you to keep a check but also for the client to view. 

Additionally, it also allows adding, editing, or updating breaks as per the requirement of the post-site.

In-App Reporting

What’s more important than tracking guards on-site? Reporting, isn’t it? Which is why the Security Guard App, is equipped with a powerful reporting module. Not only does it allow the guards to make the most of default reporting templates, but it also provides clients the ability to create custom reports & tasks for guards.

Before making the guard tour reports sent by guards available for clients to view, the supervisor can review & approve them.

Attach Multi-Media Files

Carrying multiple devices on-site while patrolling isn’t highly recommended when one can suffice. The Security Guard App, with guard access for security guards, has been designed with that in mind. In guard tour reports, it allows attaching multimedia files making the most of your smartphone’s features.


Communication is vital for any security team to achieve the goals set for them by their clients. So, to be able to communicate in real-time is all that one can ask for. Well, Security Guard App, allows:

  • Guards to chat checked-in on the same post-site.
  • A group chat can also be initiated.
  • The supervisor can have a one-to-one chat with the guards.
  • Clients can chat with the guards & supervisor on-site.

Create Post-Orders

Every post-order is unique because every post-site is unique. Critical to run smooth security operations, it contains vital information for guards on how to carry out the patrol and client’s special requests. Security Guard App makes it easier for the supervisor to add, edit, update, & share it with the guards on-site in real-time. If you need to attach files, well, you can do that too.

Create Pass-Downs

Need to share vital information with the guard on duty right after you? Creating pass-downs could have not gotten any easier and also sharing information through it. You can add all the information regarding the progress made on-site and stay updated with the rest when you come back.

Manage Guard & Client Profiles

Managing guard & client profiles is one of the most important things you can do using the Security Guard App’s guard access & client access. Keep the list of your guards and your clients updated. In addition to that, it allows you to keep a check on your payment history, add card details, edit, or even delete them.

So, if you’re wondering, the Security Guard App is available to download? Click right here to select the desired plan to download our cost-effective solution now. Leave a comment below to let us know what you liked the most about it?