So you’ve added more security patrol guards on the Security Guard App with your guard access. Now you need to make sure they stick around, stay motivated, give their best, and contribute towards a positive working environment. While of course money and benefits are important, they don’t top the list of motivating factors.

So here are some insightful key tactics to keep your security patrol guards motivated cost-effectively.

Set Clear Goals 

Security patrol guards will be more motivated if they exactly know what they are expected to achieve. Making clear post orders available on the Security Guard App will help them a great deal with that while allowing them to set clear short & long term goals. It will also provide them guidance for them while working on client sites to provide excellent security services.

Provide Feedback

Providing feedback is crucial to make security patrol guards feel fulfilled by their work. It also helps show them that they are being constantly supervised. Though, don’t forget to share the client’s appreciation for the job done on-site with them. It’s good management practices like this that help enhance & maintain guard productivity.  

Acknowledge Accomplishments

Acknowledging achievement even in a small way and promptly addressing errors or failures helps keep the security patrol guards motivated and energized. Not everyone may agree with this strategy, of course. But such practices have proven to certainly enhance confidence to deliver excellent services.

Get Everyone Engaged

Figure out a way to get all your security patrol guards engaged in the planning & decision-making process. That way, they have vested interest in something they are willing to fight for and see the project succeed. This can not only empower and motivate them but also lead to new and more productive ways of working that normally would be overlooked.

Leverage Technology

Offering security patrol guards with the right tools and pieces of equipment is vital for increasing efficiency. For instance, Security Guard App with guard access enables them to conduct site tours, submit reports live, chat with other guards on-site, and do so much more. This can help guards do their job effortlessly, motivating them to accomplish more every day.

Recognize Security Patrol Guards 

Remember that security patrol guards are not robots, they are people with feelings, including the feeling of deflation, when their work goes wrong. It can lead once-productive employees to let their work slide & their motivation dwindle. Focus on sincere recognition by voicing your appreciation. It will go a long way with guards by making them feel appreciated & understood.


Delegate Tasks Smartly

Another way to recognize good work is to give more responsibility to security patrol guards who have shown that they can handle it. Although it is important to avoid overloading any one security guard as this can lead to excessive stress and burnout. Do take that fact into consideration.

Encourage Career Advancement

Address the aspirations needs of the security patrol guards by providing opportunities for developing skills or advancing professionally. It is not enough that they have mastered the skills needed to efficiently accomplish their current assignments. Let them realize that there are other things they can do,  so they can make progress to higher positions.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Technology has changed the way security operations are run, and it has also changed the way security guards work – or the way they can work. If they are expected to work flexibly, it’s reasonable for them to want familiar flexibility from you when it comes to scheduling. Security Guard App with guard access enables you to easily do that.

Encourage Teamwork

There is nothing better than keeping security patrol guards focused and responsive than simply belonging to a team. It is through teamwork that guards learn to trust each other. Also, it makes them look beyond themselves. Therefore, healthy competition in the team setting will help in keeping them motivated.

Communicate Effectively

It is important to establish high standards & communicate them effectively. It enables the security patrol guards to understand what is expected of them. It enables them to know what they should be doing as well as their assigned roles. Without clear or explicit expectations, people often tend to find excuses when they fail to achieve their target. Avoid that at all costs.

Figure Out What Makes Them Tick

One thing we can virtually guarantee is that all your security patrol guards are different. Some might require extra guidance, while others are much more independent workers. The point is that all your security patrol guards have different backgrounds, are at different stages in lives, and are motivated by different things. Don’t try to force a one-sit fit all solution on them, figure out what individually makes them tick.


Keeping security patrol guards motivated while maintaining and enhancing their productivity is not always very easy to accomplish. But then it all boils down to some simple concepts. Now that you are aware of them, bear in mind that you would need to make adjustments and changes as you discover what works and what does not.