The kind of equipment a guard on a security patrol carries can effectively boost the level of security he or she can provide. As a guard, you should completely agree with this fact but, that might not always be possible. Reason being, the lack of awareness at your end. Well, if that’s the case, let’s change that. Given below is a list of protective gear for every guard on a security patrol to carry along with him.

1. Licensed Handgun

Not every guard on a security patrol is designated to carry a handgun. The reason being, carrying it requires a license as well as specialized armed security guard training. If you’re carrying it, just having it there in your belt in a holster can be enough to keep an area under control.

Similarly, a taser gun is another great alternative, which also requires training, but is perfect for post-sites where people might not be comfortable with a guard carrying a handgun.

2. Security Guard Mobile App  

Over the last few years, a security guard mobile app has become an essential piece of equipment for any guard to carry on a security patrol. For it, all you need is your smartphone – Android or iOS. And it will do everything imaginable for you in real-time from reporting, messaging, conducting site tours to allowing a supervisor to even track you live.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that the security guard mobile app has overtaken the traditional ways used to communicate & report activities on-site. Which is why as a guard ensure not to overlook this technological aspect. 

3. Baton

Baton is one of the oldest non-lethal weapons used not only by the private security guards but also by the police officers. The reason why it’s also perfect is because it offers more than just self-defense. It can be used to de-escalate tense situations effectively.

However, unlike any other weapon, its effectiveness is completely dependent on its application, type, training, and physical strength of the guard utilizing it. It is more than an essential protective gear for a guard on a security patrol.

4. Handcuffs

Did you know that a guard on a security patrol does not have the same rights as a police officer? Despite that, he or she can make a citizen’s arrest or a felony arrest for a crime that has been committed. For such scenarios, every guard on a security patrol should be equipped with lightweight handcuffs. Depending on the environment of the post-site, private security guards may even carry 2-3 sets. 

What’s interesting is that easily available zip ties serve as the best alternative to handcuffs that private security guards often employ when in need.

5. Security License

Whether a guard on a security patrol carries any other piece of equipment or not, carrying an up-to-date license on-duty, every single day is mandatory. Private security services companies often pay special attention to this rule to ensure their guards comply with it, so should you.

The reason being, it is the first thing that’s often required to report an incident. On getting the police involved, it is required to confirm their position on-site. Which is why not carrying a security license in many jurisdiction is considered a citable infraction.

6. Flashlight

Every guard on a security patrol must carry a flashlight, irrespective of the shift assigned to him or her. It need not be oversized & heavy, but big enough for the guard on a security patrol if he or she finds himself or herself in a difficult situation inside a dark room or an area.

7. Security Belt

The security belt of a guard on a security patrol despite not being a piece of equipment or protective gear in itself is that piece of the puzzle that puts everything together. It is what ensures that every guard on a security patrol carries the above-mentioned pieces of equipment. It securely holds everything in one place, which can be organized daily as per the requirement of the security guard.

Additional Pieces Of Equipment:

In addition to the list of the above-mentioned pieces of equipment, here are a few more that are often carried by a guard on a security patrol:

  • Mini first aid kit – Can come handy in unexpected situations.
  • Gloves – To deliver first aid or to secure evidence when required.
  • Safety glasses – It is a must while working on construction sites.
  • Bulletproof vest – For high-risk areas to absorb the impact of bullets.
  • Backup batteries – For phone, to always stay online & connected.
  • Pepper spray – One of the best ways to temporarily repress an attacker. 
  • Heated vest – To keep you comfortable & focused on cold nights.

Next time you go on a security patrol, do pay attention to the protective gear you’ll carry to enhance accountability as well as productivity. Won’t you?