Night shifts aren’t for everyone as it can be stressful. Most supervisors will do their best to accommodate their security guards if they have significant problems with working the night shift. Despite that, what if you end up working a night shift? Well, in that case, it will take practice. The more you will work on it, the easier it will become surviving the night shift.

So here’s a quick guide, incorporating the best tips just for you to help yourself adapt to the night shift.

Hydrate Often

Sugary drinks can surely boost your energy levels for a brief moment but can quickly drain blood sugar causing fatigue. Which is why instead of depending on them, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. So don’t forget to bring a water bottle to work.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Consuming caffeine-rich drinks is one of the most preferred ways of security guards to stay active on a night shift. However, be aware of how much you consume it. It will initially allow you to stay alert, but excessive consumption late into the shift will affect your ability to sleep later.

Eat Healthily

Plan your meals ahead of time. Ensure you avoid having big fatty or spicy meals right before the night shift starts. They can often cause energy levels to drop. Instead, eat small snacks or food that will help you stay awake as well as keep your energy levels consistent.

Get Quality Sleep

Ideally, security guards should want to get 8 hours of quality sleep to stay fresh, alert, & functional. Therefore, ensure you create a favorable environment for sleeping. Set a sleeping goal. To maintain a normal level of sleep, keep track of when you fall asleep and when you wake up.

Stick To A Schedule

Working double or rotating shifts can disrupt your body schedule. Further confusing the body and not letting it know what to expect can take a toll on your health too. Therefore, make sure you stick to just the night shift to help your body adjust to the schedule.

Keep Moving

Security guards whether assigned to a stationary position or conduct regular foot patrols must find creative ways to keep moving. It is the key to getting through the night shift seamlessly. To keep the blood flowing you can stretch your body, roll your shoulders, or even walk around the building on breaks.

Use Security Guard App

Creating reports is an essential part of every security guard’s job & Security Guard App with its guard access is designed not only for that purpose but also for much more. Since the Security Guard App can be used to monitor your activities on-site live, you’ll need to stay accountable and motivated to stay awake & productive.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is one of the most effective ways to survive through a night shift. Not only will it help your body re-energize but also stay awake. This in turn will ensure you can concentrate fully on your patrol, improving your productivity & performance overall.

In addition to the mentioned tips, don’t be afraid to come up with your own tips and tricks to ensure you get through the night shift. For more information on this topic, stay tuned.