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Security Guard Mobile App: For Security Guards On The Go

By |March 24, 2022|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Guard App Features|Tags: , , |

The past few years due to the pandemic have been rough for all businesses alike. Security guard industry was no different. Security guard companies had to face their fair share of challenges. Keeping all that in mind, we put all our effort into developing a security guard mobile app [...]

How To Ensure Effective Security Guard Monitoring?

By |March 8, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

Security guard monitoring is the tracking of security guard's status and task completion. Such tasks include but are not limited to outstanding or incomplete checkpoints and open reports. Effective security guard monitoring will ensure that sites are secured as they should be at all times and your team is working [...]

The Secrets Of Delegating Security Guard Tasks Effectively – Part 2

By |February 25, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

As a security manager, delegation is important. Yet, most security managers struggle with effective delegation of security guard tasks and responsibilities than any other skill required in their day-to-day work. While others often hold on to more than needed or simply begin to micromanage. Don’t be one of those security [...]

Liability Issues Security Guards Should Be Careful About

By |February 15, 2022|Categories: Guard Safety and Wellbeing|Tags: , , |

The past couple of years has been interesting for the security guard industry. In the near future, the growing regulations are likely to increase. Simultaneously, the demand for guards has climbed in sectors such as retail and healthcare. This is the result of lockdowns, vaccine requirements, mask mandates, and other [...]

The Secrets Of Delegating Security Guard Tasks Effectively – Part 1

By |January 21, 2022|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , , |

Delegation is one of the most important management skills that allow maintaining a smooth workflow. Doing it effectively, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Newly promoted security managers often struggle with it and feel overwhelmed with numerous responsibilities. While even the experienced ones at times fail to trust their [...]

Security Guard App Messenger: Built To Keep Your Team Engaged

By |January 7, 2022|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Guard App Features|Tags: , |

Open, effective, and accurate communication is the key to executing security operations flawlessly. To ensure that, security guards, as well as security guard companies are re-defining their security operations using the built-in simple, seamless, and secure Security Guard App messenger. It allows you to keep the chats focused and professional [...]

5 Techniques to Perfect Your Security Guards’ Daily Activity Reports

By |December 30, 2021|Categories: Security Guard App Features|Tags: , |

When providing security services to a client, the daily activity report issued by security guards is of utmost importance. Your clients won't be in the building at all hours to observe your guards as they perform the rounds—your clients don't want that, and your team surely does not want to [...]

Introducing Security Guard App 1.2 – Now With Web App

By |December 15, 2021|Categories: Security Guard App Updates|Tags: , , |

It is with much pleasure we are announcing that we have released the new version of the Security Guard App. This new version comes with many excellent features, and the best of all is, wait for it, the Web App – more on that later. The light, feature-packed Security Guard [...]

Security Guard Tracking Software For Guard Accountability

By |November 30, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

Running a security guard company has its challenges, and there are a few that is more important than managing your security guards. While it would have been nice to just hire some individuals and hope that everything would run smoothly, an experienced manager understands that this isn’t usually the case. [...]

8 Rational De-Escalation Techniques Security Guards Must Know

By |November 17, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Training|Tags: , |

Having a plan prepared to deal with threatening situations can be beneficial. It can help minimize mistakes, keep security guards calm, and give them the confidence to mitigate any situation. But that’s not all. Being trained in de-escalation and implementing the de-escalation strategies is going to make all the difference [...]

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