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6 Signs a Business Needs to Hire Professional Security Guards

By |July 29, 2021|Categories: Security Tips|Tags: , |

You may have never thought about getting security guards or security services before, but certain incidents making you give the idea a thought. Now, you are facing the dilemma of whether you should hire professional security guards or not. What are the circumstances that require security guards? Here are a [...]

Measures to Strengthen Your Existing Security Services

By |July 20, 2021|Categories: Security Tips|Tags: , |

The security services at your business or office should not remain static. Security requirements and needs changes. The is because the security risks are increasing, and the types of threats your business faces are also changing. There are various measures to strengthen your existing security services. Increase the Number of [...]

8 Benefits Of Using Security Guard App During A Pandemic

By |July 9, 2021|Categories: Security Industry Trends|Tags: , |

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of businesses under enormous pressure to quickly adapt to the constantly changing conditions. To help them cope up with these changes, legit security guard companies have started relying on some form of technology to manage their client projects.ย  As a result, highlighting more [...]

What Are the Duties And Responsibilities Of Unarmed Security Guards

By |July 1, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Training|Tags: , , |

Security guards make people feel safer. They can be seen in public areas, security checks at the shopping mall, bank, and even in amusement parks. There is no doubt that people feel more secured when these trustworthy people are around. Some might have the idea that all security guards are [...]

Inexpensive Ways For Security Guards To Stay In Shape

By |June 27, 2021|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Guard Training|Tags: , |

Security guards often have to work in settings with high stress and occasions when things get out of control. Clients seldom witness that. Itโ€™s in these moments that the true nature of the role of security guards of a reliable security guard company comes into play. They might be required [...]

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Security Guards

By |June 10, 2021|Categories: Guard Safety and Wellbeing|Tags: , |

The pandemic has impacted almost every industry in the U.S, and the professional security services industry is no exception. Since the start of the pandemic, security guards are providing essential security guard services from the frontline. And due to their constant interactions with the public as part of their duties, [...]

5 Greatest Benefits Of Custom Guard Tour Reporting

By |May 13, 2021|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Guard App Features|Tags: , , , |

Standard guard tour reporting can be tedious and frustrating as it often only scratches and offers surface-level data. You can only get a glimpse at the overall picture of the security threats at a client site and have the ability to only make certain decisions. If you want to dig [...]

4 Common Outdoor Job Settings for Security Guards

By |May 11, 2021|Categories: Latest Articles, Security Tips|Tags: , , |

Security is important for all types of businesses and their operations, including the ones that occur outdoor. If any business runs an outdoor operation or section, then the outdoor area needs to be evaluated in the security planning, which will result in the posting of security guards.ย  It is not [...]

5 Responsibilities Entrusted to Security Guards

By |May 4, 2021|Categories: Customer Service|Tags: , |

If you are looking for a responsible job where you can serve and protect, consider getting a job in the security sector. Security guards are highly trained professionals who work to protect businesses and individuals from possible threats. Their profession involves deterring crime and doing their best to avert threats. [...]

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