New technologies are everywhere. They are making workplace processes easier in all industries. The security guard industry is no different. Compared to the old ways of managing the security workforce, a solution like Security Guard App is helping save time & streamline processes in ways that free security guards up to work on tasks that are crucial. But implementing such new technologies can turn into a headache if certain factors aren’t considered to train & support security guards as they learn & adapt to the new technology.

Here’s our take on how you can get your security guards to use the Security Guard App. 

Make Training A Priority

Security Guard App is designed in such a simplistic manner that security guards with its easy-to-use interface can easily explore it & get comfortable using it in no time. Despite that, one of the biggest mistakes you can commit is not making training a priority. Take a hands-on approach to train all your security guards on new technology in the most effective way.

Emphasize It’s Value & Benefits

If the security guards feel obliged to learn all about the new technology, the truth is that they will be less likely to engage with it and realize its full benefits. Therefore, training them to effectively utilize it is not the only step you’ll need to take. You will also need to educate them and emphasize how the Security Guard App can benefit in their job. This will help them visualize exactly what the new technology can do.

Break It Up Into Small Steps

It’s not just the tasks that can split into small achievable steps, but also security guard training when introducing new technology. The reason being, smaller tangible goals will enable you to achieve your end goal of getting your security guards to use the Security Guard App on the client site effectively. Just ensure that all instructions are given clearly when introducing Security Guard App features.

Focus On What Matters

Did you know that most of the time 60% of software features are never used? This often becomes inevitable due to the lack of focus in training. Another mistake you can commit is getting the employees acquainted with every feature of the Security Guard App that they might not even use. Therefore, follow the divide & conquer rule. Focus on features specific to roles that can be defined in the Security Guard App – super-admin, admin, supervisor, guard, & client. 

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Make The Training Interactive

Incorporating interactivity into training is a must. It ensures a highly engaging user experience and enhances the impact of training delivered. The reason being, people often tend to remember things more vividly when they are involved in the action. Therefore, providing hands-on experience on Security Guard App will help them clearly retain & process the information received on it.

Encourage Sharing Knowledge

While training, you are certainly going to see some security guards adapt to the new technology way faster than others. This is where you can begin to diversify your training methods by encouraging the more adaptable security guards to assist those lagging behind or resisting the change. This will help instill the idea that everything is working towards a common goal.

Follow Up On Initial Training

Emphasizing on interactive training prior to implementing new technology can’t be enough. But making it an ongoing initiative by regularly following up on security guards after training can make all the difference. Ensure regular feedback is encouraged. It will help find out where adoption issues exist and why. Refresh training can be scheduled as a part of the learning initiative, so they stay sharp as the Security Guard App evolves.

Security Guard App an intuitive mobile app is available on both Android & iOS platforms. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, head to and also to gain more insight.