Once the mandatory security guard training is completed to obtain the guard card, it often takes a back seat for most security guards. However, if you are an ambitious security guard willing to grow your career in the security industry, security guards training in different areas is going to make all the difference. Here’s a brief list of training areas you can get started with.

Security Patrols

One of the main jobs security guards is to conduct security patrols at regular intervals. For that, they not only need to be well-trained but also well-versed in using the Security Guard App with guard access to conduct effective security patrols.

Security Guard App

Security Guard App is an intuitive patrol mobile app designed to make the job of the security guards easier. Using it, they can create & share reports, chat with other guards and supervisors in real-time, and do so much more.

Communication Skills

When working on a site, the security guards are not only required to communicate with clients but also with troublemakers. To smoothly carry out conversations & mediate any immediate threat, the security guards must have effective communication skills. 

De-Escalation Techniques

Situations with troublemakers on client sites can quickly escalate and pose threat to both life & property. Which is why it is crucial that the security guards possess the knowledge of de-escalation techniques to keep the damage to a minimum & avoid any casualties.

Security Reports

After conducting security patrols, writing security reports to keep supervisors as well as clients abreast of every minute detail is the next vital job of the security guards. They must be able to provide accurate information with details that match up to the industry standards.

Security guard training isn’t just limited to these areas if that’s what you are wondering. There are several other areas that require the security guard’s attention. For more information on them, stay tuned.