Every security guard company, irrespective of its size, wants to hold onto its best talent for as long as possible. Retaining good security guards and reducing turnover, after all, is one of the most effective ways for companies to improve their service and decrease their costs. Despite all the efforts made by the company, good security guards leave. Often, they are one of the first to quit and look around for new positions or are poached by the competitor’s headhunters.

Top-performing guards leaving is both costly and disruptive for every security guard company. The process of replacing them brings with it expenses such as paperwork, training, and mistakes of inexperienced guards that cost the company. It also affects the other good security guards in their team and the way they perform. If you are a security guard company that wants its top-performing guards to stay, take a close look at the following factors that play a crucial role in their decision to quit.

Bottom line, if you pay attention to these crucial factors, you will certainly not only retain your top-performing guards but also reduce turnover drastically. It’s way too expensive to recruit a new guard. Why not put a little more focused effort to retain the good security guards you have already nurtured?