Security Guard App is the most intuitive solution in the market designed for both guards & clients to optimize security operations. But what makes it unique from any other app in the world is that clients through the client access of the Security Guard App can take full control of the security operations in their hands. This robust, in-house mobile app for clients allows managing security guards & security guard operations effortlessly.

But wait, there’s a lot more to it! And here’s a list of all the crucial features of the Security Guard App you should be aware of.

Access Team Reports

Clients can stay up-to-date with on-site performance easily using the client access of the Security Guard App. It provides full access to all the reports sent by guards on a security patrol in real-time from their post-site. They also include the pass-down logs to provide information that might not be available in the reports. As a client, you’ll be able to approve the reports and also create custom breaks for your security guards on security patrol.

Create Custom Reports

Security guard companies may provide the best security services but never will they let their clients take full control of the security operations. The client access of the Security Guard App empowers clients like you to do that. Not only will this Security Guard App let you create custom reports for guards to share information you want, but also add comments to ensure everything is done correctly on a security patrol.

In-App Messaging

A Security Guard App with guard access equipped with a multimedia messaging feature makes sense. The reason being, it allows the guards on security patrol to communicate with each other live and share data with other guards on-site. But what’s even better is a Security Guard App with client access equipped with the same feature to never let a client miss the opportunity to communicate with the guards or supervisors on-site and enhance security services.

Security Guard App

Create A Post-Site

A post-site is a specific location or an area where you as a client would want to assign the guards to patrol effectively. This is why not only the Security Guard App with guard access but also with client access lets its respective user create post-site to get started. Once that’s done, as a client, you’ll also be able to add members to create multiple post-site teams seamlessly.

Full View Of Post-Sites

The Security Guard App is also a powerful mobile app designed for clients to specially take control of the security operations on their post sites. In case you don’t want to, it can just provide quick access to live GPS location & history of the guards assigned. Their check-in/out history along with the pass-down logs & more can be viewed to get a full view of the post site.

Invite Guards

No longer do you need to depend on the services of a security guard company. The Security Guard App will allow you to create a team of security guards to do the job the way you want. Just send them invites via codes, email, or phone numbers and manage their profiles right from your smartphone.

Create Post-Orders

Every client site is unique, therefore, every post order created for them should be unique too. The Security Guard App with client access gives every client the opportunity to do that. After all, it’s that one crucial part of the security operation that provides vital information to the guards on how to carry out the security patrols. It even makes it easier to edit, update, & share the post-order with the guards on-site in real-time.

Add Multiple Clients

One of the greatest benefits of the Security Guard App with client access is that it provides the ability to add more client profiles in it. This makes it possible to offer great security services with a team of guards to various others in need without any hassle. For an enhanced experience, a client can further change roles & become a supervisor or an admin to take control of the security operation in a better manner.

What’s more there to ask for?