Security Guard App Messenger: Built To Keep Your Team Engaged

Open, effective, and accurate communication is the key to executing security operations flawlessly. To ensure that, security guards, as well as security guard companies are re-defining their security operations using the built-in simple, seamless, and secure Security Guard App messenger. It allows you to keep the chats focused and professional by allowing you to communicate with the security guards checked in on the same post site in real-time. When the text doesn't cut it, guards can instantly share images captured, audio messages, and video files in real-time to add clarity [...]

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Introducing Security Guard App 1.2 – Now With Web App

It is with much pleasure we are announcing that we have released the new version of the Security Guard App. This new version comes with many excellent features, and the best of all is, wait for it, the Web App – more on that later. The light, feature-packed Security Guard App will be helpful as well as useful to security guards, supervisors, and clients. It is the ultimate solution to run your security operations seamlessly. Let’s take a look at what this version has to offer to make your job [...]

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8 Rational De-Escalation Techniques Security Guards Must Know

Having a plan prepared to deal with threatening situations can be beneficial. It can help minimize mistakes, keep security guards calm, and give them the confidence to mitigate any situation. But that’s not all. Being trained in de-escalation and implementing the de-escalation strategies is going to make all the difference to provide peaceful resolution. For you, we’ve picked the top 8 de-escalation techniques all security guards must know. Build Trust The ability to build trust is a security guard skill that is deeply appreciated and recognized in the security guard [...]

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How To Retain Your Best Working Security Guards?

Today, the cost of employee turnover is alarmingly high. Why? Retaining the best working security guards has become a critical issue for a lot of security guard companies as they compete for talent in a tight economy. Focusing on it, the companies will not only be able to retain talented and motivated employees who truly want to be part of the company but also someone who's focused on contributing to the company’s overall success. How? Incorporate employee retention strategies that work. Employee Retention Strategies: How can you increase retention rates? Start [...]

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How To Create A Healthy Security Guard Diet

Sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult to almost impossible if you work strange hours. That is why it is very difficult for security guards to maintain a healthy diet, and their job also might not involve much exercise. Here is a plan for a healthy security guard diet. Meal Choices for a Healthy Security Guard Diet It is not necessary for you to follow all the healthy meal advice, and it would become far too difficult to follow. Go with the meals you enjoy and to make your [...]

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How To Implement Modern Tech Effectively In Private Security?

A lot of security guard companies have come to rely on new technologies gradually over the years, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. It played a crucial role in ensuring not only did morden security guard companies rely on technology to deliver reliable private security services but also the other companies still relying on traditional methods to embrace it. However, any technology that isn’t used to its full potential is just a waste of money and that, in turn, can lead to inefficiency and confusion in operations. To help you [...]

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Measures to Strengthen Your Existing Security Services

The security services at your business or office should not remain static. Security requirements and needs changes. The is because the security risks are increasing, and the types of threats your business faces are also changing. There are various measures to strengthen your existing security services. Increase the Number of Security Guards When you want to improve the security infrastructure of your office, the first thing you should consider is increasing the number of security guards on the premises. If you think there are some tricky or important spots that [...]

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Inexpensive Ways For Security Guards To Stay In Shape

Security guards often have to work in settings with high stress and occasions when things get out of control. Clients seldom witness that. It’s in these moments that the true nature of the role of security guards of a reliable security guard company comes into play. They might be required to overcome a thug or chase a shoplifter.  The reality of this job is that you must always be prepared for potential danger. Therefore, little does that have to do with a degree, but one of the prerequisites often required [...]

5 Greatest Benefits Of Custom Guard Tour Reporting

Standard guard tour reporting can be tedious and frustrating as it often only scratches and offers surface-level data. You can only get a glimpse at the overall picture of the security threats at a client site and have the ability to only make certain decisions. If you want to dig deeper and discover the backing behind your decisions, fine-tune your guard tour reporting. To do that, there’s no better fit than custom guard tour reports for your security service's needs. Security Guard App’s guard tour reporting feature offers a variety [...]

Do All Types Of Businesses Need Security Guard Service?

Yes, whatever business you have, you need professional security guard service looking after your belongings and property. Your need for having security guard service doesn’t depend on your business type or the products you offer.  In this article, you will learn about some of the vital areas of business that surely need to hire a security guard company.  Security for Construction Sites Typically, a construction site is filled with construction material and other things in bulk. That is why construction companies must have security guard service to prevent stealing and [...]

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