Running a security guard company has its challenges, and there are a few that is more important than managing your security guards. While it would have been nice to just hire some individuals and hope that everything would run smoothly, an experienced manager understands that this isn’t usually the case.

Thankfully, security guard tracking software ensures better guard accountability with GPS tracking, reporting, and other key features. This helps you to be more effective in managing your team and deliver better results to your clients.

Ensuring Guard Accountability

Anyone who manages security guards knows that employee accountability is vital for cultivating a quality team that will keep clients happy by delivering top-notch services.

Typically, security guard’s accountability comes down to a couple of things: reporting and timekeeping. Paper reporting for clocking in/out is being phased out in almost all industry and rightly so. While paper reports are relatively easy to fabricate, an electronic check-in system cannot be falsified by an average employee.

However, even if your guards check in properly, it can be difficult to know whether they are actually finishing their patrols as they should. That is where guard patrol monitoring systems can help you. These security guard monitoring systems can track the movements of all your guards at all times, helping you understand whether or not a patrol is being completed properly. Automatic alerts can even send you notifications when a protocol is not being followed by a guard. This allows you to check in and respond to issues effectively and quickly.

Security guard tracking software can also be useful for incident reporting. Advanced technology enables guards to upload videos, take photos, and send notifications to the management instantly an incident is identified. These features allow you to provide support or further instructions when necessary, which helps your guards to take care of the matter in a manner that will make the client happy.

Security guard tracking software provides increased transparency and accountability that gives your top guards the opportunity to show off their work rate while the guards with low work ethic will be motivated to improve their productivity or held accountable. This will also give your clients peace of mind knowing that your team is there for them.

Final Thoughts

The security guard tracking software improves guard accountability, which makes managing a security guard team easier and also increases productivity. You will be able to deliver greater results to your clients, put your company on the road to success, and keep your guards happy by properly implementing this technology in your business.