Today, the cost of employee turnover is alarmingly high. Why? Retaining the best working security guards has become a critical issue for a lot of security guard companies as they compete for talent in a tight economy. Focusing on it, the companies will not only be able to retain talented and motivated employees who truly want to be part of the company but also someone who’s focused on contributing to the company’s overall success. How? Incorporate employee retention strategies that work.

Employee Retention Strategies:

How can you increase retention rates? Start at the very beginning of the recruitment process.

Hiring For Cultural Fit

Since most of the employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, one should go beyond the traditional interview questions and ask questions that are related to your company’s values.

Security guards can develop skills and expertise but hiring them keeping your cultural values in mind can ensure loyal and engaged guards. The new hire will be able to blend with the team quicker, feel comfortable, and contribute faster. 

Identify Guards Who’ll Stay

The process to retain the best working security guards starts with choosing the right candidates that are more likely to stay. How? Look for key indicators on their resume, for instance, longevity at their previous job. That speaks loyalty, perseverance, and engagement.

The problem with job-hoppers is that often they are just be looking for the right place to land. Thus making it really difficult to retain them for any security guard company. 

Provide Clear Paths Of Advancement

Promoting the best working security guards from within not only provides a clear path of advancement but also greater compensation and responsibility. It helps the guards feel that they are a valued and crucial part of the company’s success. 

Since promotion goes hand-in-hand with employee development and education foster the accusation of new skills, technologies, and processes, doing it is said to be among the top benefits of retaining best working security guards.

Incorporate Two-Way Feedback

One of the main reasons why good security guards leave is due to a lack of communication. Many security guard supervisors don’t realize that. They don’t realize the importance of communicating with the best working security guards and making them feel connected.

Regular feedback and suggestions are a good way that can help your security supervisors stay connected with your guards. Thus, increasing their loyalty to your leadership and the security guard company.

Avoid Micromanaging

The best way to manage your best working security guards is to give them clear directions, allow them plenty of space to do what they have to do, and offer regular feedback. 

They may approach their work in a completely different way but that should not matter as long as they get the results. If you want to know what your best working security guards are doing all the time, they will feel they are not trusted and are more likely to leave.

Offer The Right Benefits To Guards

Reliable security guard companies that offer the most benefits to their guards are more likely to keep them. If you want to keep your best working security guards happy, engaged, and healthy, benefits and perks will play a crucial role in that.

From flexible work schedules to generous paid leave policies can go a long way towards helps security guards feel they are valued well beyond what they contribute at the workplace.

Leverage The Latest Technology

Best working security guards must have the necessary means to do their job well. To ensure that you’ll need to keep pace with technological changes and incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as Security Guard App into your security solutions. 

Failing to keep up pace with the trends in the security guard industry, your top-performing guards will move on to employers who provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Encourage Open Communication

If the guards trust their security guard company is moving in the right direction, they are less likely to leave. To build that kind of trust, open communication is essential throughout the security guard company.

Creating open communication foresters a sense of community and shared purpose among the best working security guards. It helps create a workplace where they can freely express their views and voice their concerns. 

Invest In Security Guard Well-Being

Recently, health has become a top priority for everyone since physical and mental health has been tested amidst the COVID pandemic. Therefore, invest in ensuring the well-being of the guards.

Make sure there are strict safety protocols for security guards to follow. You can also have a comprehensive health plan which takes care of the overall wellness of your guards. It can include meal tracking, fitness tracking activities, etc.

Reward And Recognise Hardwork

What every best working security guard wants is acknowledgment and recognition for their work. Appreciating them for their efforts and achievement goes a long way in making them feel valued. 

However, remember the rewards you given them should speak to their emotional needs and go beyond their monetary compensation. When best-performing security guards feel a sense of belonging, they tend to be more loyal.

Competitive Compensation

Competitive compensation is another way to retain top performers. Not receiving proper compensation can leave your workforce demotivated. Which is why it is also one of the major reasons why best-performing security guards quit. To avoid this, give fair and just appraisal to every deserving guard. 

Apart from salary hikes, it can also be in the form of incentives, bonuses, health benefits, paid time off, etc. Offering competitive compensation shows that you are invested in the growth of your guards as much as you are in your company’s growth.

Provide Quality Management Or Supervision

Have you heard of an old adage that employees don’t leave companies, but their managers? Well, it goes for the best performing security guards of the security guard companies too. 

Frequent guard complaints point to these areas:

  • Lack of availability
  • Lack of clarity about expectations
  • Lack of clarity about roles
  • Lack of feedback about performance
  • Lack of clarity about earning potential

Security Guard Company


Keeping your best-performing security guards takes serious effort. 

It all starts with making your security guard company talent-worthy. The next step involves keeping your workforce motivated and ensuring their high engagement. Does it seem like a lot of work to do? Well, it is worth putting in some time and effort, because this is the key to better business results.