Sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult to almost impossible if you work strange hours. That is why it is very difficult for security guards to maintain a healthy diet, and their job also might not involve much exercise. Here is a plan for a healthy security guard diet.

Meal Choices for a Healthy Security Guard Diet

It is not necessary for you to follow all the healthy meal advice, and it would become far too difficult to follow. Go with the meals you enjoy and to make your diet healthy, use complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and high fibre.

Lean protein such as tuna or chicken helps your body receive what it requires without the excess calories and fat. You don’t want to take anything too high in fat if your job is only watching CCTV cameras. High fibre food is really great for health and should be included in the diet. Complex carbohydrates such as bananas and rice provide slow-release energy, which means you won’t have to rely on snacks very heavily.

Remember Snacks

Everyone loves snacks. However, readily available, low-quality snack food can have a big impact on the diet of a security personnel. Most snacks are high in calories, sugar, and fat. All these things aren’t really necessary if your job doesn’t require you to walk very much.

Eat snacks that are high in complex carbs, protein, and fibre. Nuts are a great snacking choice because they make you feel full and also have great sources of healthy fibre and fat. Hummus is another great choice, and you can have carrot or celery sticks instead of tortilla chips. While it may not sound interesting, you should really watch out for your calories for a healthy security guard diet.

Drinks for Healthy Security Guard Diet

When you are working as a security officer, staying alert is really important. And to stay alert, you need to stay hydrated. When it comes to drinking, water is obviously the best choice. You can also take fruit or flavoring such as mint or cucumber with water. If you drink a lot of coffee, you can drink herbal teas instead. Many of these contain natural stimulants like ginseng, which perk you up without affecting your concentration.

A security guard doesn’t have to eat unhealthy foods. And to create a healthy security guard diet, advance planning is important. Then, following the diet plan will make the difference. This will help you save money and give you better control over your nutrition and calorie intake.