A lot of small security guard companies and independent security supervisors are still dependent on the traditional ways to report crucial information from client sites. But efficiently managing the growing amount of paper documents with every security operation can easily become a headache. What you need is a powerful Security Guard App designed to take your security operations to the cloud.

With the Security Guard App, you can easily transition from a paper-based reporting system to online reporting and make the job of your security guards on client sites easier. Here’s how.

Easy-To-Use Interface

An easy-to-use interface plays a crucial role in the transition. And Security Guard App is built to ensure that the security guards can navigate through the app with little or no training to immediately start creating and sharing reports with information that matters for both the supervisors and clients on their apps respectively.

Create Custom Reports

A paper-based reporting system has its own set of drawbacks and the one most vital among them all is how it limits communication and collaboration. Whereas an online reporting solution as that Security Guard App allows creating custom reports with different criteria for different scenarios for security guards to work on effortlessly.

Attach Multimedia Files

The biggest benefit of using online reporting software is that your security guards can start attaching multimedia files every time they create a report. It can significantly help enhance the quality of information being provided to the clients in real-time. Thus, allowing them to make better decisions that paper-reports might not be able to help them do. 

Submit Multiple Reports

The traditional paper-based-reporting system does not offer security guards the flexibility to share multiple reports. With it, they often need to wait till the end of the shift to answer a standard set of questions, that could cause them to leave out crucial information. However, with the Security Guard App, they can share detailed multiple reports, that too live.

Share Passdown Logs

Security Guard App is designed to enable security guards to create passdown logs. These are generated to share vital information with security guards on sequential shifts to access work that is completed and to determine how to proceed. These online logs help not only improve communication between security guards but also their performance.

To know more about the Security Guard App & how it can help enhance your security operations, visit us at securityguard.app. Available on both App Store & Play Store, download it now to try it.