Over the last few years, almost every industry has undergone drastic changes due to the involvement of life-changing technologies. One such industry that witnessed drastic changes was the security guard industry, and it still is evolving continuously. From a watchman’s clock to an advanced security patrol system, and now a stand-alone security guard app is enhancing the role of a modern patrol guard.

Though, another crucial aspect that is responsible for bringing about this change is that almost every patrol guard today is better educated, trained, and qualified to handle security functions as required by the clients. So, without further ado, let’s take a look into the ways industry trends have evolved the duties of every patrol guard.

Industry-Specific Training

Today, receiving the basic patrol guard training does not serve many purposes. To further grow & prosper, trends in training have drifted towards specific industries. For instance, a patrol guard aiming to work on a residential property should receive in-depth training on how to manage & track visitors effortlessly. Or, a patrol guard working to protect a retail store should be able to identify potential threats and deter theft.

Teamwork & Collaboration

In the security guard industry, not only the duties of patrol guards have changed with changing technology but also the requirements of the clients have changed. Today, the patrol guards are expected to collaborate on operations and work more closely with each other than ever before. Technology plays a vital role in helping them to stay in constant touch with the team and to share guard tour reports live with the clients, just using the security guard app.

Guard Tour Reports

Real-Time Reporting

There is no denying the fact that reporting, one of the most essential parts of every patrol guard’s job has changed drastically. Incidents documented at the end of the day have been replaced by a mobile patrol app like that of a Security Guard App on a smartphone. Every patrol guard assigned to the post site can now share guard tour reports in real-time by attaching photos, videos, or even audio files. And the clients can easily view them on their Security Guard App with the client access from anywhere in the world.

Customer Service Skills

Customer services may look like the odd one out in this list of patrol guard duties, but it deserves a special spot. The reason being, patrol guards have to interact directly with the general public or sometimes even with potential clients. Ensuring they inculcate customer service skills such as being polite, sensitive, & considerate, even when an accident occurs or while facing an irate client can help deliver better security services.

The Right Technology

For the future growth of every patrol guard, the right technology is a must. For that, the Security Guard App is the perfect solution that’s advanced enough to empower & hold every patrol guard accountable on every step and also simplify their tasks. With live tracking available using GPS, every patrol guard’s security can be ensured & reporting enhanced. They can share vital information with other patrol guards using pass-down entries and so much more.

What more there’s for you to ask for?