The main motive behind hiring security guards is to ensure the complete security of the people & property. To do that, security guards are required to patrol on client sites at various intervals. But to successfully conduct a security guard patrol every time requires planning and taking a lot of factors into consideration that you might not be aware of yet. 

Therefore, here are the top 10 credible tips for security guards to conduct every security patrol effectively and safely.

Plan Security Guard Patrol In Advance

Security guards should have no doubts about the ways they are going to execute the security guard patrol. Therefore, planning it all in advance, placing checkpoints in appropriate positions, and ensuring the guards are aware of the tasks to be accomplished under pre-defined time intervals can play a crucial role.

Always Carry Your Defensive Gear

It’s tough for any security guard to tell when things are going to take a turn for the worst. Which is why to protect yourself and others from unexpected incidents, you must always be prepared with your defensive gear – baton, popper spray, etc. Every day before you begin your security patrol ensure they are in good working order.

Maintain Safe Distance During Conversations

While having a conversation with a person or a potential suspect, you’ll never know when they are going to act out. Therefore, it is important you always speak to them from a safe distance. While doing so, look into their eyes and watch for any movement of the upper torso. This will allow you to react and defend yourself if the person was to attack.

Follow Post Site Orders Diligently

Post orders play an important role to ensure the security guard patrol is conducted successfully. It helps the guards understand the client’s mission while sharpening the evaluation & assessment of their observation. Receive clear & concise post orders right on your Security Guard App, any changes in the orders can also be notified live.

Create & Share Accurate Security Reports

Comprehensive reports are crucial. Without them, no security guard patrol can be considered successful. Therefore, not only the security guards must possess the ability to fluently write detailed reports but to do that in real-time they must be equipped with the right technology to deliver actionable insights. The reports must include:

  • Start & end time of the shift
  • Descriptive activity details
  • Jargon-free language
  • Photos, videos, & audio files
  • Unusual occurrence on-site
Security Guard Patrol

Stay Vigilant On Client Site & Listen

Security guard patrol isn’t all about just observing the things as you move on. It is about keeping both your eyes & ears wide open to your surroundings. While it might get difficult to see a moving person when you are moving too, take a moment and stop to look around and listen. It will help you notice things you might not otherwise.

Develop Random Security Patrol Patterns

Don’t use the same route for patrolling at a regular interval. Doing so will only make it easier for criminals to operate. You don’t want your security patrols to be predictable so keep your security patrols random. Choose a different route and mix up the time intervals, though ensure no checkpoints are missed using the Security Guard App.

Make The Most Out Of Security Guard App

Security Guard App is an intuitively designed solution. It allows security guards to clock-in/out hassle-free, view & acknowledge post orders, create & share multimedia-rich custom reports. It not only enables you to receive live notifications but also lets you stay in touch with your supervisor through multimedia chats to do so much more.

Stay Mindful Of Job Site Hazards

You might already be aware of how dangerous your job can be. You might have to put yourself in situations that can leave you open to being a victim of job site hazards. Being aware of them can certainly help ensure your safety as well as others. They include – accident, physical, chemical, biological hazards, etc.

Be Prepared To Deal With Emergencies

The job of the security guards isn’t limited to protecting people from theft & violence, but also to deal with unexpected situations or incidents. For those scenarios, the security guards must possess the knowledge of the emergency procedures to deal with cases such as fire or fatal injury to improve the response time to save lives. 

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