When it comes to managing security guard operations, tracking time is one of the most critical factors vital for its success. Relying on dated time management systems can further make the process tougher. Whereas relying on technologically advanced alternatives as that of the SGA time clock can automatically help deliver data in the palm of your hands. 

Here let’s take a look at how implementing the SGA time clock can make managing guards time hassle-free and what its benefits are.

Automatic Clock-In/Out

Security Guard App with a built-in time clock is designed to automate security guard clock-in/out as well as check-in/out on client sites. Further, collecting and securely storing all the data on the cloud for supervisors to access from anywhere to monitor security guards live. Also, encouraging the security guards to manage their time-related activities effectively.

Define Custom Guard Breaks

SGA time clock isn’t just all about tracking the security guard’s time on client sites or viewing their time logs. SGA time clock is designed to also provide you easy access to define custom security guard breaks seamlessly. Taking regular breaks can help security guards to work more productively and effectively on-site.

Reduce Time Theft & Buddy Punching

The problem with the manual time tracking process is that time cards filled out by security guards provide no security around the falsification of reported time. Whether it’s intentional or not, security guards can record shorter breaks, clock-in later & clock-out early. Buddy punching is another big issue that can be easily resolved by implementing the SGA time clock.

Enhance Guard Efficiency

The built-in time clock of the Security Guard App is designed to eliminate the need for security guards to carry multiple devices on-site. But what this particular feature is built to do is help enhance the efficiency of tracking the time security guards spend on client sites. Further providing accurate & organized data, ensuring you comply with labor laws.

Improve Guard Accountability

Accuracy of data is critical for a number of reasons in the security guard industry. Which is why one of the greatest benefits the SGA time clock has to offer is that it automatically collects data & stores it securely on the cloud in an organized manner. With it, there is no question of if the data is accurate or not. When security guards are aware, they are more accountable.

Improve Payroll Accuracy

To create a payroll manually, you will need to collect time cards, decipher data, enter it, and then finally get to work, cutting the paychecks. Not only is this process slow & tedious but also prone to error. Using an automatic SGA time clock cuts back the time spent on payroll processing as well as reduces chances of errors, making payroll & record keeping efficient.

With the time clock of Security Guard App not only manage security guard’s time & attendance hassle-free, but also improve efficiency, accuracy, & record keeping. They will further translate into increased productivity and optimal performance.

To know more about the Security Guard App & how it can help enhance your security operations, visit us at securityguard.app. Available on both App Store & Play Store, download it now to try it for free.