Security Guard App with guard access is an intuitively designed app for security guards to build multiple security teams, collaborate with clients, and manage all security operations effortlessly using a smartphone. It comes packed with powerful features, that apart from the above-mentioned functionality allows the guards to do their job with utmost professionalism, transparency, and clarity. Hence, it enhances guard accountability and also helps improve overall productivity.

Aren’t you already wondering what else makes the Security Guard App with guard access so special? So, scroll down to know why it is the perfect solution for you and what great benefits it has to offer.

Build Your Security Team

One of the greatest benefits Security Guard App with guard access offers a security guard like you is the opportunity to build your security team. Does any other app let you do that? Probably not. You can add unlimited team members via codes, emails, & phone numbers and manage their profiles right from your smartphone. 

The same Security Guard App can be used to add clients, post-sites, or even collaborate with other security teams. Additionally, it makes managing security guards on a guard tour patrol easier for any supervisor.

Report In Real-Time

Reporting is an important part of every security guard’s job that allows his or her supervisor to gain an insightful overview of all the on-site activities. To make this part of their job easier, Security Guard App comes equipped with a powerful reporting module that will allow them to update reports hassle-free & in real-time.

It will allow them to attach multimedia files, & make use of different reporting templates for different situations made available by default. This will not only help enhance the response time but also the accuracy with which a supervisor can help security guards on a guard tour patrol.

Create Custom Reports

There may come a time when the Security Guard App’s default reporting template may not seem enough for reporting purposes. Your clients may ask for specific details in the guard tour reports. Or even you may want to include more than what’s already included in the default report templates. So, then what? Well, Security Guard App will effortlessly allow you to create custom reports that can be easily saved and reused whenever needed. What more can you ask for?

Get Live Notifications

Having access to real-time data is vital, and live notifications play an important role without going into the details. It provides an easier, quicker, & a reliable way to ensure the supervisor always know about critical patrolling activities as they happen on-site. Then be it guards checking-in on a post-site or submitting an incident report. 

It can further help the supervisor to provide immediate input to take timely corrective actions. And, that’s why Security Guard App with client access is designed to automatically & instantly share live notifications.

Track Guards Live

One of the greatest benefits you can reap using the Security Guard App is tracking every on-site movement of the guards and also have the ability to backtrack them in time. To be able to do that will encourage them to keep them moving, while you’ll be better equipped to make critical decisions based-on historical data. Hence, this will result in significantly improved guard productivity as well as accountability.

But to begin tracking guards on-site, they should be able to first check-in on the client site. Additionally, Security Guard App also is a great alternative to manual attendance system & time-sheets that are often prone to human errors. With its in-app check-in & out, Security Guard App automatically stores the data on the cloud in a systematic manner. And it sends live notifications to the supervisor every time a guard checks-in or out.



Communicate Effortlessly

After coordination, communication is necessary for executing security operations perfectly. Ture, isn’t it? Using the Security Guard App with guard access, you will be able to communicate live with the guards on the same post-site by sharing photos & videos, and they’ll be able to ask for help or backup in times of need.

Additionally, supervisors get the opportunity to stay updated on the progress made that might not be available through reports. They can initiate a one-to-one chat with a guard on-site and also a client to eliminate any misinterpretation or miscommunication.

Share Data With Team

Security Guard App not only allows creating different post orders for different post-sites. They can be shared with the guards on guard tour patrol live to let them know of the details mandatory for carrying out patrols effectively. Even better, it can be used to edit, update, and instantly share the requests of the client with the guards on-site.

Further, pass-down logs can help the guards share vital information with the next guard on shift hassle-free.

So, sign-up for the Security Guard App in less than 5 minutes to make your job easier & productive like never before.