Standard guard tour reporting can be tedious and frustrating as it often only scratches and offers surface-level data. You can only get a glimpse at the overall picture of the security threats at a client site and have the ability to only make certain decisions. If you want to dig deeper and discover the backing behind your decisions, fine-tune your guard tour reporting. To do that, there’s no better fit than custom guard tour reports for your security service’s needs.

Security Guard App’s guard tour reporting feature offers a variety of customizable reporting structures. It helps build reports that matter to connect the dots and get deeper insights. Why is it a better choice for a lot of small security guard companies? Find out more about it below.

Choose Metrics That Makes Sense

Since no two businesses are alike, standard guard tour reports won’t allow you to know everything needed to protect the client site. When they won’t just cut it for you to gain crucial client site data, you’ll need better reports to make a decision that’s right for your clients. With the Security Guard App’s custom guard tour reports, you’ll be able to choose the metrics that make the most sense to ensure utmost security on the client site.

Get Access To Only Crucial Data

Want to set yourself apart from your competitors? Security Guard App’s custom guard tour reporting feature provides small security guard companies that ability. Once you’ve set the metrics required in a custom guard tour report, using the guard access of the Security Guard App, the security guards can share the reports in real-time from a client site. And thus, you get access to crucially sensitive data live from on-site.

Perform Meaningful Analysis

Different goals enable defining success for different businesses differently. Custom guard tour reporting helps to identify different areas for quick wins and long-term goals. But that’s not enough. Along with a carefully curated presentation of findings, the data you receive via these custom reports will let you know what’s working for a particular client so you can duplicate the progress.

Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Often, standard guard tour reports only scratch the surface when it comes to identifying the security trends and looking for ways to improve or streamline security guard services. Creating custom guard tour reports aid in gaining actionable insights that can help security guard companies make better, evidence-based decisions for their valuable clients while improving their own bottom line.

Add Unique Value For Clients

Not all security guard companies have the resources to deliver custom guard tour reports to their clients. But when you do, ensure you utilize this feature to its full potential. Customer guard tour reports add a unique value to the client, giving them the ability to dive deep into the unique metrics that matter to them.


Standard guard tour reports make mounting of guard tour data available which when needed to make the right decisions can leave you confused. Custom guard tour reporting, on the other hand, exists to condense everything into a digestible format with powerful metrics.

With the Security Guard App, begin to customize and build your own reports to set you apart from the rest. Get started by downloading it today. For more information visit us at