Although it is not easy to work as a security officer, it is rewarding. For security officers, it is very important to stay professional and serious in difficult situations. Being disinterested or distant can make your job difficult if customers sense you as unhelpful or unfriendly. Increase your customer satisfaction by focusing on your customer service skills. This will also make your work an enjoyable place to be.

Here are a few ways that can help you offer excellent customer service.

Make a decent first impression

When someone arrives at a business, security officers are often the first contact they have with the business. Put a friendly, pleasant face and greet every customer. During your initial encounter, tell customers your name and ask how they would like to be addressed by you. Until they give you an answer, always address them as Mr. or Ms. and the last name of the customer.

Keep yourself groomed and keep your uniform clean and pressed. Avoid anything that could be seen as unprofessional, such as scuffed shoes, large pieces of jewelry. Make sure your nameplate or badge is visible to customers, and keep your shirt tucked in.

Help customers

Often, negative customer experiences can turn into a positive one because of the little things. No doubt, your first priority is the security and safety of the business, employees, and customers. But if you offer a bit of extra service, this could make dealing with the customer much easier.

Hold the door open for customers, particularly when they have heavy or large things on their hands. Learn a thing or two about the business you are serving; this will help you give the customers accurate and thorough directions. If you can leave your position, offer to escort customers to their vehicles when it’s dark.

Repeat what the customer says, requests, and questions back to them in your own words. This will show them you care and understand their wishes. Also, let them know it would be your pleasure to help them with anything you can.

Control your voice and body language

While conversing with customers, maintain a calm, confident and friendly tone of voice. This will make the customer feel both relaxed and secure. It is essential, especially for angry or irritated customers. Emitting an agitated or defensive tone could escalate customers further.

Do not make long pauses and avoid including “ahs” or “ums” into your conversation because this can reflect you as distracted or unsure. Smiling can have a positive impact on customers, don’t just maintain a straight face at all times.

Stay heedful of your body language. This can also have a huge impact on how customers perceive you. When you speak with customers, hold eye contact to show them you are focused on what they have to say. Also, don’t slouch, as this will convey a disinterested and lazy attitude. Maintain a good posture and appear attentive and willing to help.

When you speak with customers, don’t cross your arms in front of your chest or keep your hands in your pocket, as this can make you appear closed off.

Clarify Yourself

To help the customers understand why you are doing or need to do certain things, explain security procedures to them. This also makes it more likely that they will comply without making a scene. When security officers offer an explanation without the customer asking, this assures the customer that security guards aren’t asking for unnecessary, arbitrary behaviors and just following the proper procedures.

When you ask for identification or request customers to put their possessions through a scanner, explain to them why you have these policies and how they help to protect them. You should also let customers know if they are going to encounter any other procedures anywhere else in the building and always thank them for complying with the instructions.