Security is important for all types of businesses and their operations, including the ones that occur outdoor. If any business runs an outdoor operation or section, then the outdoor area needs to be evaluated in the security planning, which will result in the posting of security guards. 

It is not necessary that the security guard’s assignments will only be in an indoor location. In reality, quite a few security officers are posted outdoors. A security guard can expect to be assigned both indoors and outdoors. Here are the four most common outdoor job settings for security guards. 

Parks and Recreation 

In recent years, it is becoming common to assign private security guards to public parks and recreation spaces. Although national and state parks train their own park rangers for this job, it is also common to see private security guards at city and county parks. One of the reasons security guards are being posted at parks by municipalities is vagrancy. Although this task is typically handled by the local police department, it is a low priority for law enforcement. While private guards can’t just issue citations or tickets for violations, their presence can deter unruly behavior and vandalism. So, they can make public space safer with their presence. 

Corporate and Industrial Parks

City councils try to attract business activity and might not think about passing zoning resolutions to build industrial areas and corporate parks. So, it is the responsibility of the property managers to provide security for the tenants. Tenants can also share the costs of security guards posted at industrial and corporate parks as part of their lease contracts.

Events That Attract Crowds

Major events tend to feature dozens of security officers protecting the event from unwanted incidents. When providing security for an event, the responsibilities of security guards may include general security, individual protection, coordination, patrol security, as well as crowd control. 

Parking Lots 

If the parking lots are counted as part of the company’s operation, then the company will have to include them within their security plans, which may include posting of security officers for the purpose of protecting property and people. Some guards may be assigned permanently for patrolling the outdoor parking lot. Some facilities may change guard shifts between indoor and outdoor settings, so security guards don’t settle into habits that compromise their alertness levels.