Communication and collaboration are the souls of every security guard company. They are the foundation of a successful business environment and culture that large security guard companies have it all figured out. And now it’s about time that you figure it out too and maintain robust security guard client relationships. To that, a real-time messenger is key.

Though there is an array of ways for you, your guards, and clients to communicate, nothing works like a real-time messenger. Today they are designed to simplify business communication and eliminate the time-consuming process of communicating via email and other traditional ways.

Read on to learn 8 underrated benefits of adopting a real-time messenger for your security guard company.

Enhance Mobility & Accessibility

Great communication within a team starts with an accessible app. Security Guard App’s real-time messenger is all about that. It comes with accessibility built directly into it so your security guards have an optimized experience and uninterrupted conversations without any additional configuration or settings.

Connect Remote Team Members

Every real-time messenger’s ultimate motive should be to bring your company together, where everyone can effortlessly communicate and collaborate. Security Guard App’s messenger enables that and more via chat, keeping security guards across different locations connected in real-time.

Offers Real-Time Communication

The speed of communication plays a crucial role in a security guard company. The reason being, the job of security guards depends on the ability to quickly ask for and receive information. Security guard mobile app’s real-time messenger offers a great way to communicate in real-time between two users.

Have a Record Of The Conversations

Keeping a record of internal communication has been known to be a real performance booster. It’s also useful when you or your guards want to easily recall the specifics. Further, helping eliminate any miscommunication related to post orders, tasks, or schedules that may arise.

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It Is Far Less Disruptive In Nature

Phone calls are great, but for security guards patrolling a client site, managing multiple calls can be difficult and distracting. Messaging, on the other hand, is naturally far less disruptive and much easier to juggle between chat windows. It is, therefore, a better alternative to making phone calls.

Help Boost Guard Productivity

Streamlining security guard operations and communication in a security team needs a capable mobile app of doing both. Security Guard App is one such app with both a mobile and security guard web app to both increase productivity and improve time management. Its real-time messenger specifically enables streamlining guards’ tasks and teamwork without compromising on security.

Supports Multimedia Communication

The best thing a real-time messenger can offer is the ability to share multimedia files immediately. It’s particularly useful when you want to make your communication crystal clear. After all, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. If you are looking for one such app, try Security Guard App’s real-time messenger.

Helps Promote Guard Engagement

Since security guards are meant to patrol different locations on a client site, a real-time messenger can also work as a great tool for team building. Messaging doesn’t have to be purely business-related. Guards can create a group where they can share personal information, exciting updates about their life and bond over it.

Bottom line: Try Security Guard App Messenger

Security Guard App offers a real-time messenger so you, your guards, and clients can connect and collaborate on a mobile app, whenever you need it. Best of all, Security Guard App is a free app for a single user, to begin with and increases productivity.

You can add multiple clients’ post sites and security guards to the app and pay only for the active users. Download the app today from App Store or Play Store to reap the benefits of an excellent working messaging app for your entire security guard company.