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Security Guard Tracking Software For Guard Accountability

By |November 30, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

Running a security guard company has its challenges, and there are a few that is more important than managing your security guards. While it would have been nice to just hire some individuals and hope that everything would run smoothly, an experienced manager understands that this isn’t usually the case. [...]

8 Rational De-Escalation Techniques Security Guards Must Know

By |November 17, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Training|Tags: , |

Having a plan prepared to deal with threatening situations can be beneficial. It can help minimize mistakes, keep security guards calm, and give them the confidence to mitigate any situation. But that’s not all. Being trained in de-escalation and implementing the de-escalation strategies is going to make all the difference [...]

Why You Need Efficient Security Guard Monitoring System

By |November 7, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , |

If you manage a security guard company, you know it isn’t an easy task. From employee duty to timekeeping, there are several factors that can limit your capability to offer great services to your clients. Nowadays, however, you can ensure greater overall performance from your guards and better final results [...]

9 Effective Ways To Build Trust Within Your Security Guard Team

By |October 23, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Training|Tags: , , |

Why is trust critical to team success? Today, whether you want to foster collaboration, drive engagement, or manage the never ending process of change, team success is crucial. To ensure that, having your security guard team members trust each other is essential.  When trust is present, they’ll step forward to [...]

How To Retain Your Best Working Security Guards?

By |September 24, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Management|Tags: , , |

Today, the cost of employee turnover is alarmingly high. Why? Retaining the best working security guards has become a critical issue for a lot of security guard companies as they compete for talent in a tight economy. Focusing on it, the companies will not only be able to retain talented [...]

Learn the Various Types of Security Guards

By |August 30, 2021|Categories: Security Industry Trends|Tags: , , , , |

Security guards do different jobs, and that is why the types of security guards vary. Normal training is enough for some of the security guard roles, but there is some role that requires specialized as well as in-depth instruction. Below you will find the details about some of the types [...]

How To Implement Modern Tech Effectively In Private Security?

By |August 27, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Training|Tags: , , |

A lot of security guard companies have come to rely on new technologies gradually over the years, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. It played a crucial role in ensuring not only did morden security guard companies rely on technology to deliver reliable private security services but also the other [...]

Key Problem-Solving Skills You Need To Be A Security Guard

By |August 13, 2021|Categories: Security Industry Trends|Tags: , |

Problem-solving skills are one of the most valuable traits that most employers look for in potential security guards. To be a successful security guard, you must know how to solve problems effectively as they arise. Well, if that’s not the case right now, know that it’s absolutely okay. Not every [...]

Why is Security Guard Training Important?

By |August 5, 2021|Categories: Security Guard Training|Tags: , |

Security guard training is required in order to become a licensed security guard. One is required to complete an initial eight-hour course, then within 30 days, another 16-hours of training is required. After that, within 60 days, another 16-hours of coursework is required. This means, in order to become a [...]

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